How To Cancel Afterpay Card?  Delete Afterpay Account!

Cancel Afterpay Card

If you have any trouble making payments with your Afterpay card or have found a better card service, then it is time to cancel this one, and there is a somewhat different process in the case of Afterpay. 

With the digital card service of Afterpay, one can easily make in-store or online purchases for which you can later pay in four equal installments without any interest. 

To cancel your Afterpay card, you need to deactivate your Afterpay account for which you need to sign in to your account and select the “Close my account” option from the profile tab. 

To know in detail about Afterpay card cancelation in all possible ways, you should keep reading this article. 

How To Cancel Afterpay Card?  

If you do not wish to continue with your Afterpay card, you will first need to cancel your Afterpay account in order to have your respective card, and here are the steps that you will be required to follow in order to do so.

1. Head to the official website of Afterpay or install the mobile app.

2. Log in to your Afterpay account.

3. Go to the Profile tab of your account. 

4. Scroll through the options and you will find the option saying “Close my account”. 

5. Click on that option and follow up as directed.  

Remember that there is no way you can directly cancel your Afterpay card, so you will have to terminate your account on Afterpay, which will automatically cancel your account as well.  

Just make sure that you have paid off all of your outstanding charges before you go for canceling your account

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How To Cancel Afterpay Card Via Customer Service?

If you want to avoid going through the hassle of manually terminating your Afterpay Card, you can also seek help from the Afterpay customer support team for this.

In this case, you must dial the number 1 800 431 8752 on your phone and one of the customer support agents will be assigned to you. 

You can have a conversation with the representative and make your request for the cancelation of your card. 

Provide all the details related to your Afterpay account and let the customer support agent do the rest for you. 

The agent will process the cancelation of your Afterpay account and once it is done, your Afterpay card will also be canceled and you will no longer be able to use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Cancelation Fee For Afterpay Card?

No, you are not required to pay any cancelation fee when you cancel your Afterpay card as long as you have no outstanding balance pending on your account. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For Afterpay Subscription?

Yes, if you have a subscription to Afterpay Plus, then you will be required to pay a cancelation fee of $9.99 for terminating it. However, if you cancel it within the first 14 days of signing up, you won’t have to pay any fee. 

Does Canceling Afterpay Card Affect Your Credit Score?   

Not at all, you do not need to worry about any impact on your credit score if you cancel your Afterpay card as it doesn’t perform your credit checks or report your payments to the credit bureaus. So, feel free to cancel the service whenever you wish to.

Wrapping Up

That was all that you needed to know about the cancelation of your Afterpay card and we hope that through our guide, the process must have become much easier and trouble-free for you. If there is any other card service that you do not wish to continue with, let us know so that we can help you cancel it as well. 

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