How To Cancel Amazon Music Effectively On Various Platforms?

How To Cancel Amazon Music Effectively On Various Platforms?

It seems like your time has come to say goodbye to Amazon Music Services, but ending your subscription can be a difficult process. Not to worry!! Because we are there for your help. We have made this straightforward step-to-step guide in which you clearly learned to cancel Amazon Music Subscription. 

Amazon Music Subscription provides you with access to millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations. If you want uninterrupted music listening along with offline music access, and many other amazing benefits, then Amazon Music Subscription is best for you. You can access its service on different devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, and many more. 

You can cancel your Amazon Music Subscription at any time with the same device or method which you used for purchasing the Subscription. Remember, the steps for canceling the Amazon Music Subscription are different for various devices. Let’s read the full article to get to know about them. 

Can You Cancel Your Amazon Music Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Amazon Music Subscription at any time on any device. You can cancel your subscription from Amazon, Desktop Browser, iTunes, Android App, and many more. 

How To Cancel Amazon Music Subscription From Amazon?

The steps listed below can be used to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription if you signed up through Amazon:

  1. Navigate to your Amazon Music Settings
  1. Head towards the Amazon Music Unlimited section
  1. Tap on the Cancel option from the Subscription Renewal details
  1. Confirm your subscription cancelation by pressing the Confirmation button

Up until the expiration date, you can still access Amazon Music Unlimited even after cancelation. Any Amazon Music Unlimited titles you’ve added to your library after this date won’t have playback options; they’ll just be greyed out.

How To Cancel Amazon Music On A Desktop Browser?

Steps to cancel Amazon Music Subscription from your desktop browser include the following steps-

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Account from the Amazon Website 
  1. Head over your cursor over Accounts & List from the top right corner of the screen. Then, choose Memberships & Subscriptions
  1. Click the Cancel Subscription next to Amazon Music
  1. Follow the instructions to cancel your subscription permanently.

How To Cancel Amazon Music On The Android App?

Here are the steps which you need to follow to cancel your Amazon Music Subscription on your Android App. 

  1. Open your Amazon Music App on your Android
  1. Click on the Settings option and then Select, Amazon Music Unlimited
  1. Click on Cancel Subscription from the Subscription Renewal section
  1. Select Submit and confirm the cancelation of your subscription

How To Cancel Amazon Music On An iPhone Or iPad?

The iOS version of the Amazon Music app does not allow you to cancel your Amazon Music subscription, despite sharing many of the same features and capabilities as the Android version. 

If you purchased your subscription via App Store or Apple ID, then you can cancel your subscription from your mobile browser or mobile settings.

Cancel Subscription From Mobile Browser

Go To Amazon Website> Login To Your Account> Click on the Profile Icon> Select Your Memberships & Subscriptions> Click on Cancel Subscription under Amazon Music Unlimited> Follow a few steps to confirm your cancelation

Cancel Subscription From Settings

Open Settings App from your device> Click on your name> Select Subscriptions> Click on Cancel Subscription next to Amazon Music> Then, click on Confirm

How To Cancel Amazon Music From iTunes On Desktop?

The steps to cancel Amazon Music from iTunes on your Desktop are as under-

  1. Open iTunes from your PC or Mac
  1. Tap on Account> View My Account from the top of the screen
  1. Scroll down toward Settings and then tap on the Manage button next to Subscriptions
  1. Press the Edit button next to Amazon Music Subscription
  1. Then, tap on Cancel Subscription
  1. Tap Confirm option from the pop-up menu

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Amazon Music Subscription?

For Prime Members, the cost of an Amazon Music Subscription is around $7.99 per month or $79 per year and for non-prime members, the subscription cost is $9.99 

Is Spotify Better Than Amazon Music?

Spotify has some cool social features, like collaborative playlists, and it’s great for finding new music. For Amazon Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited has better audio quality and a good price. But ultimately, it just comes down to taste. 

However, if you choose Amazon Music over Spotify, then here is a guide to canceling Spotify’s Free Trial. 


Amazon Music Subscription is one of the most popular digital services from Amazon. There are various subscription plans available, such as Amazon Music Unlimited, which provides even more features and content. You can follow a few easy instructions listed in your Amazon account settings to end your Amazon Music subscription. If you are thinking of canceling other services from Amazon, then do check out this article on how to cancel Amazon Digital Services. 

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