How To Cancel SurveyMonkey Subscription With Easy Steps?

how to cancel surveymonkey

The SurveyMonkey appears to have run out of time. As users want more best survey practices, the movement to cancel SurveyMonkey gains traction as most people end up canceling their subscriptions. Learn how to easily cancel SurveyMonkey with this article. 

Using the online survey platform SurveyMonkey, users can design, send, and analyze surveys. Since 1999, it has gained popularity as a tool for companies, groups, and individuals to gather information and comments from their target market. With more than 20 million active users, SurveyMonkey has had a big impact on the online survey industry.

The only way to cancel your SurveyMonkey Subscription is by turning off its Auto-Renew option from your SurveyMonkey Account and stopping your subscription plan to auto-renew itself. Steps to cancel Auto-Renew are explained later in this article. 

What Is SurveyMonkey Cancelation Policy?

SurveyMonkey premium paid plans come in three categories: Individual Advantage ( 1,999 Per month), Team Advantage (1,550 Per month), and Team Premier (3,800 Per month). All these premium plans come with Auto-Renew System by default which means that every month your preferred subscription plan automatically renews. So, in order to cancel your SurveyMonkey Subscription, you need to turn off its auto-renew option, so that it won’t renew itself for the new billing month. 

After disabling your Auto-Renew Option for SurveyMonkey Subscription, your subscription plan will downgrade at the end of your subscription period. When your plan downgrades, your paid subscription will convert to the Basic (Free) plan and you will lose all of your access to the paid subscription features. 

How To Cancel SurveyMonkey Auto-Renew Subscription?

If you cancel your SurveyMonkey Auto-Renew option, then you will automatically be stopped for your upcoming billing cycles. You won’t get charged for your next billing cycle. 

Follow these steps to turn off auto-renew and cancel your SurveyMonkey Subscription. 

  • Go to SurveyMonkey Website and log in to your account
  • Tap on the My Account button by clicking the username from the top right corner of the screen
  • Select the Billing Details tab
  • Navigate to Auto-Renew under Billing Profile Section
  • Tap on the link next to Auto-Renew settings for cancelation
  • Follow the steps to cancel your Auto-Renew. 

What Are Some Special SurveyMonkey Cancelation Cases?

Now, you must understand the steps for canceling your SurveyMonkey Auto-Renew Subscription. However, in some circumstances, you are not able to find the Auto-Renew option. Then, what should you do in that situation to cancel your subscription? Let’s review some special cancelation cases for SurveyMonkey Subscription. 

  1. Sales-Assisted Accounts: If you set up your SurveyMonkey Account with the help of their sales team, then you need to contact SurveyMonkey Team to cancel your account or subscription. 
  1. Outstanding Invoices: You won’t be able to see the Auto-Renew option if you still have an unpaid voice. In that case, please go to SurveyMonkey Contact Us Page to cancel the account. 
  1. HIPAA-Enabled Accounts: If you have a HIPAA-Enabled Account, the business will suspend it; however, you will be given the chance to renew it for the duration of the BAA. Your account and all of your data will be deleted when the suspension is over.
  1. iOS App Accounts: If you have signed up to your SurveyMonkey Account via an iOS device, then for its cancelation, you also need to cancel it from the same iOS device from which you have purchased its subscription. 

How To Cancel SurveyMonkey Subscription Via iOS?

If you have purchased your SurveyMonkey Subscription from an iOS device, then follow these steps to cancel your subscription from any of the iOS devices. 

To cancel your subscription from your iPhone or iPad follow these steps- Open iPhone Settings> click on your name> Select Subscriptions> Choose SurveyMonkey Subscription> Click on the Cancel Subscription

To cancel your subscription from Mac, follow these steps- Open App Store> Tap on your name> Go to Account Settings> Navigate to Subscriptions> Tap on the Manage button> Choose SurveyMonkey Subscription and tap on Edit next to it> Click on the Cancel Subscription button 

How To Delete SurveyMonkey Account?

You can delete your SurveyMonkey Account on your own if you are not a member of the team. Your account, as well as any accounts in your team, are immediately disabled when you delete them. You won’t be able to sign in or access its information, bills, or past payments. Within 90 days, all data will be permanently deleted from our system. 

Follow these steps to delete your SurveyMonkey Account. 

  • Log in to your SurveyMonkey Account by using your username and password
  • Tap on your username from the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on the My Account option
  • Tap on Permanently Delete Account from the bottom of the page
  • Check all the boxes after reading the information, then type your password.
  • Tap on Yes, delete this account to confirm

How To Delete SurveyMonkey Account If I Log In Via Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Or Microsoft?

If you log in to your SurveyMonkey Account with a new login process like from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or Microsoft, then follow these steps to permanently delete your SurveyMonkey Account. 

  • Log in to your SurveyMonkey Account at anyway
  • Tap on your email address or username from the top of the screen
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Permanently delete account at the bottom of the screen
  • After checking all the information, mark all the checkboxes and tap on Next to ask for a code to confirm your account deletion
  • Check your email box and type the code and tap on Delete Account 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Get A Refund For Canceling The SurveyMonkey Subscription?

No, you will not get any refund after canceling or deleting your SurveyMonkey Account. 

Can You Cancel SurveyMonkey Subscription After 1 Month?

Yes, you can cancel your SurveyMonkey Subscription at any time, after one month also. But remember, you won’t be entitled to a refund after cancelation. 

Can you Use SurveyMonkey For Free?

Yes, SurveyMonkey also has its Basic Plan, in which you can sign up in SurveyMonkey for free. Click on the Sign up free button from SurveyMonkey Website and Create Your SurveyMonkey Account. 


We will be sure that you will definitely get a clear framework and working of how you can easily cancel your SurveyMonkey Subscription or Account on your own. Only, in certain cases, you need to contact SurveyMonkey Team to cancel your subscription otherwise you can do so on your own with the simple steps mentioned in this article. 

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