How To Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription? 2 Effective Ways!

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription

If you tried using the BoxyCharm subscription but are no longer satisfied with the services then don’t worry, you don’t need to continue with them. If you are looking for the correct procedure to cancel your BoxyCharm subscription then we will help you provide the easy steps you can take to achieve your goal. 

BoxyCharm is a beauty products subscription service that sends its products to customers on several monthly subscriptions basis. In their subscription boxes, you get about 4-5 full-size products from some good brands and the subscription you purchase will let you choose about 1 or 2 products in your subscription box. 

To cancel your BoxyCharm Subscription, you are provided with two options- You can either cancel your subscription from the website after you sign in to your account or you can send an email to the BoxyCharm team where you request them to cancel your subscription and you are informed about your cancellation confirmation accordingly. 

BoxyCharm Subscription Plans And Charges

Your complete beauty kit is made available at BoxyCharm with their subscription box services. This Charming beauty box subscription provides you with branded beauty items in full size. You can choose any subscription plan you like and you will be allowed to choose 1 and in some cases 2 products in your BoxyCharm subscription box.

Subscription PlansCharges
Monthly Membership$25/month
3 Month Membership$23.33/month  Advance pay $70 for 3 months
6 Month Membership$23/month Advance pay $138 for 6 months
Annual Membership$22.92/month Advance pay $275 for a whole year

The Monthly Membership plan is available at $25/month where BoxyCharm sends its customers full-sized beauty products that are about 4-5 items. Another subscription plan is the 3 Month Membership plan that you can easily purchase at an advance payment of $70 for 3 months. This subscription costs you about $23.33/month

The customers can also purchase a 6 Month Membership of BoxyCharm where the initial payment of $138 for 6 months will provide you with the best beauty products in your BoxyCharm subscription box. This costs you about $23/month

An Annual Membership of BoxyCharm is available to buy at $275 for a whole year and your orders are refilled accordingly. This annual subscription costs you about $22.92/month and you get all the perks of your subscription through that membership. 

How Can I Cancel My BoxyCharm Subscription?

It is easy to cancel your BoxyCharm subscription from the website through your account. You can also send an email to the BoxyCharm team regarding the same. 

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription On Website

1. Visit the official website of BoxyCharm and log in to your account. 

2. Click on your account and go to the Subscriptions tab. 

3. Select the Edit option and then choose Cancel Subscription

4. Provide the reason for your subscription cancellation.

5. Confirm the procedure by clicking on Yes, cancel the subscription, and you are done.

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription Via Email

1. Open the default email application on your device. 

2. Compose an email for your cancellation procedure. 

3. Provide all the required personal and subscription details that they may require and also provide your subscription cancellation reason.

4. When you are satisfied with the email you wrote, send it to [email protected]. Wait till you hear from them regarding your request. 

How Do I Remove My Credit Card From BoxyCharm? Change Your BoxyCharm Payment Information

If you wish, you can also remove, edit or change your credit card or other payment information anytime you want. To change your payment information or to remove your credit card, you will be required to: 

1. Visit the official website and log in to your BoxyCharm account.

2. Click the My Account section at the top of your screen page.

3. Hit the Payment Method option from the menu. 

4. There, you can add, remove or change your credit card or your payment method as you wish. 

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription- FAQs

Can I Cancel My BoxyCharm And Get A Refund?

No, BoxyCharm does not offer their customers any kind of refund, exchange, or return of their subscription boxes. You can, however, cancel your subscription plan anytime you want through their website or through an email to their support team. 

Does BoxyCharm Automatically Renew?

Yes, your BoxyCharm subscription will automatically renew. All your monthly subscriptions get renewed automatically every month and if you don’t want to pay anymore then cancel your subscription by going through the above-mentioned steps.

How Can I Contact BoxyCharm Customer Service? Chat And Email Address

If you wish to contact BoxyCharm for any kind of queries then you can visit their Customer Service page for the same. There, you can select what you wish to ask them or just interact and ask your queries to the BOXYBOT.

Scroll down the page and click on the Ask BOXYBOT button and chat with the bot. You can also send them an email at [email protected]

Wrap Up

BoxyCharm subscription box can provide you with beauty products that you will love. But if you don’t, no worries, just end your membership anytime.

Go through the steps we discussed above to cancel your BoxyCharm subscription plan and if you want, you can also remove your card or change your payment methods by following the above-mentioned steps.

Chat with BoxyCharm Customer Support or send the team an email to clarify all your doubts regarding your subscription plans. You can also cancel your Glossybox subscription and Allure Beauty Box.

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