How To Cancel Angie’s List Membership?

How To Cancel Angie's List Membership?

Tired of finding ways to cancel Angies List but still left confused? No Worries!! We have covered this topic for you in this article and we are sure that as soon as you finish this article, you won’t have any confusion related to Angies List cancellation. 

If you get any of the services for your home like Handyperson, Landscaping, Plumbing, electrical, or roofing, then you will get all these services from Angi. You need to tell them what kind of home service you want and they will then pick a perfect plan for you by comparing the prices also. 

You can cancel your Angie’s List Membership online from your My Projects page or by making a call to their customer support service team. 

Can You Cancel Your Angie’s List Membership?

Angie’s List Membership comes in Silver & Gold Membership. For your ease, Angie’s membership automatically renews at the end of your membership term. 

So, if you are thinking of canceling your Angie’s List Membership, then you can cancel your recurring plan or auto-renew plan before your new subscription plan automatically renews and you will be charged for it. 

How To Cancel Angie’s List Membership From Angie’s App/Website?

Follow these steps for easy cancelation of your Angie’s List Membership from the Angie’s App. 

  1. Open your Angie’s App and navigate to the “Projects” tab. You can also go to the My Projects Page from Angie’s Website.
  1. Choose the Recurring Plan that you want to cancel 
  1. Then, tap on the Manage Booking section and Click on Cancel Entire Plan
  1. Follow some more steps to finally confirm the cancelation of your selected plan. 

How To Cancel Angie’s List Membership Over The Phone?

You can also submit your request to cancel the Angie’s List Membership by making a call to the Angi Customer Service team at 1-888-811-ANGI or 1-888-811-711.

You can contact their team during their working hours from Monday-Friday (8 am to 8 pm) and Saturday-Sunday (8 am to 5 pm). 

As their team member will connect with you on a call, simply ask them to cancel Angie’s Membership and they will then ask for some information. 

Be ready with your membership details provide them with all the details along with the contact information and other asked information. 

After all these, their team member will cancel your membership, and your auto-renewal stops. 

How Can You Pause Your Angies List Membership?

Want to take a break from Angies List Membership? Don’t Worry!! You are all set to pause your Angies List plan with these steps-

  1. Open the Angi app and head toward the Projects tab
  1. Choose the project you would like to pause and then click on the Make an Update button
  1. Tap on the Pause Plan and select the date & time to pause the membership as long as you want 
  1. You can select any date from the following 9 months. If you have any bookings within this pause time frame, they will automatically be postponed.
  2. Again, tap on the Pause Plan to confirm the changes and that’s it !!

How Can You Reschedule Or Cancel Your Angie’s List Booking?

Follow these steps to cancel your Angi Booking online from your account. 

  1. Open your Angie’s List App and quickly go to the Projects section
  1. Choose the Project Card in which you would like to make changes
  1. Tap on the Manage Booking button, then tap on the Cancel or Reschedule option. 
  1. Follow some more steps to complete your rescheduling or cancelation task. 

 How To Delete Angie’s List Account?

If at any point, you ever feel like that Angi Account is of no use to you, then you can delete your Angie’s List Account at any time. 

You can get in contact with their customer service team by making a call at 1-888-811-711 and submitting your request to delete your account. 

They will then delete your account permanently and also they will remove your credit card information from your Angi Account. 

After deleting your account, your account information still be saved on their database. You can also reach out to their team by tapping on the Live Chat button from their Account Delete Page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Angi Give Refunds?

If you are not satisfied with their services and already booked a service from Angi, then if you cancel your booking within 30 days of your booking date, then you will get a full refund. 

How Do I Contact Angi Customer Service?

To contact Angi Support Team, you can email [email protected] or either you can make a call at Angie’s List phone number 1-888-811-711.


That’s all you need to know about canceling your Angie’s List Membership. We hope that we will be able to clear your confusion from your mind and now you can cancel your Angi Membership at any time with ease.

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