How To Cancel Afterpay Order?

Cancel Afterpay Order

One of the best Buy Now Pay Later services is provided by Afterpay. You can shop your heart out at your favorite platforms and choose Afterpay as your payment mode. But if you no longer want to continue with an Afterpay order, you can easily cancel it. 

Afterpay is perfect for those who desperately want to buy an item but are unable to pay fully for it at the time. You can purchase your favorite product and pay for it later with the Afterpay payment mode. You can also get access to numerous deals and offers provided by Afterpay to all its users. 

If you wish to cancel an Afterpay order, you will have to visit Afterpay official> log in> select the Afterpay Order to be canceled> return in-store> cancel> refund. You can also return Afterpay orders and cancel your Afterpay Payments, do read the details discussed below to understand the procedure. 

How Does Afterpay Works?

If you are a shopaholic then you must definitely know how can Afterpay help you provide the best shopping experience. With this Buy Now Pay Later platform, you can always purchase the products you immediately desire and pay later for them in 4 interval payments. After you buy the product you desire, you can pay the first installment at the purchasing time and the rest of the payment can be paid in intervals for over 6 weeks.

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No interest is ever charged for an Afterpay Payment, you only have to pay the selected purchase amount. To use this service, you just have to choose Afterpay payment mode at the checkout option or online shopping. You even get a payment reminder from Afterpay to pay your installments on time without any kind of extra fee. 

How Can I Cancel Afterpay Order?

You can cancel your Afterpay order by going to the app or website, depending on the mode you use. 

1. Open the Afterpay application on your device or visit their official website

2. Provide the credentials and other information they ask for while logging in to your Afterpay account. 

3. Use your order number to find the Afterpay order you wish to cancel. You must scroll the page till you get to the Return in-store option. 

4. There, you will find the Cancel order, tap on the Cancel button. 

5. The procedure for cancellation immediately starts and you can now hit the refund issue button and the amount to be refunded. 

The request for refund also soon processes and your order gets canceled. 

How To Cancel An Existing Afterpay Order If You Are The Merchant?

If you are a Merchant on Afterpay and wish to cancel an existing order then you will be required to:

1. Log in to your Merchant account on Afterpay by providing the required credentials. 

2. You can now locate the order that you desire to cancel or change with the Order number

3. Press the amount to be refunded and you are done. Rest, it’s all on Afterpay and how they handle the cancellation with the shopper. 

Can You Return Afterpay Items In-Store? What Happens When You Return Something You Bought With Afterpay?

To return an Afterpay purchase in-store with the Afterpay card, you will be required to:

1. Open the Afterpay application on your device and go to the Orders icon.

2. Choose the order that you wish to return and you can know about your order details by swiping right on Payments

3. Now, select the Return Order option. After that, select Returning in-store

4. Choose the payment button and hold your phone close to the card reader at the register. 

You must ask the retailer to provide you with a receipt as confirmation of your return. You can expect the refund to be received in up to 10 days. Also, all your upcoming payments might get cancelled too.

How To Cancel Afterpay Payment?

Afterpay allows you to cancel any scheduled Subscription Payment and all you are required to do is notify the Afterpay team within 4 days of the next scheduled payment. You can do that by contacting the Customer Service. You must also be aware that canceling any scheduled Subscription payment will also terminate any other future Subscription payment you possess from that merchant. The customers themselves will be responsible for any kind of outstanding payments or obligations that the merchant imposes on them due to the cancellation of the Recurring Payment amount. 

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Cancel Afterpay Order- FAQs

How Long Does An Afterpay Refund Take?

An Afterpay Refund will take up to 10 days to be reflected in your Afterpay account. Once the return is successful, the refund will be transferred back to your Afterpay card. To return an Afterpay order, you can refer to the steps discussed above. 

How Can I Tell Afterpay To Cancel My Order?

You can contact the Customer Service team at Afterpay if you wish to cancel or change your order but try to contact them asap. You can contact the Afterpay Customer Service at 1-855-597-7368.

Is There Any Extra Fee For Afterpay?

No, with Afterpay, you do not need to pay any kind of extra fee. There is no interest in your payment installments and you will only be required to pay the given purchase fee on time. However, if you miss the selected time for payments, you may have to pay the late fees. 

Can I Change Payment Due Dates For An Order?

If you want to change or adjust your payment schedule, you can contact the Afterpay Customer Service Team for the same. You can contact them at 855-289-6014 and submit your request. The Afterpay team will then review your account and order details and then decide if you are eligible for payment due dates adjustment as not all orders can be changed.

Afterpay Charged Me But Order Didn’t Go Through?

If you have already been charged by Afterpay but still your order didn’t reach yet then there might be a problem with the availability of the product or its transportation. You can wait for some more time as your product delivery date might be a bit late, if the problem still persists, you can contact Afterpay Customer Support by visiting  

Wrap Up

Shopping becomes easy and fun with Afterpay where you no longer have to worry about the immediate purchase payment and can buy the product you desire immediately. However, if you don’t want to keep an order, you can always cancel it or return the items. Do go through the returning and cancellation methods discussed above so that you can choose what you desire and cancel what you don’t. 

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