How To Cancel HP Instant Ink Service?

Cancel HP Instant Ink Service

If your requirement for printing has increased a lot, then HP Instant Ink might no longer be a good choice for you, so, if you are subscribed to its services, you need to end that. In case you are not sure how to cancel HP instant ink service, we are here to provide you with the right procedure. 

Printers are mandatory in every house these days. However, the issue lies in choosing the right printer for yourself that will come within budget and will work effectively as well. A great option, in this case, is the popular HP instant ink which is budget-friendly as long as you don’t have to print in bulk. 

To cancel HP Instant Ink, you need to head to the official website of HP Instant Ink and log in to your account. Go to the My Plan menu and select the Edit option, here, you will be able to cancel your subscription by clicking on the “Cancel Enrollment” option. You can also do the entire process with just a phone call. 

Keep reading this article if you wish to know more about what is the detailed procedure for terminating your HP Instant Ink services and attain all the related information as well. 

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What Happens If You Cancel HP Instant Ink?

When you cancel your subscription to HP Instant Ink, you will have to return the HP cartridges they provided. You will be required to place those cartridges in the Returns Envelope that you must already have (provided by HP). Then you can take this envelope to the collection point nearest to you. 

The cartridges are returned so that HP can recycle them, as they are now useless to you. This is because, without a subscription to HP Instant Ink, your cartridges are not going to work in the printer. You can also order the envelope from HP if you don’t have one. 

How To Cancel HP Instant Ink?

There are two major ways to cancel your subscription to HP Instant Ink, let us check out each of them one by one, and then you can decide which one you find more convenient to go for. 

1. Cancel HP Instant Ink Online

The first method is the online method where you will do the entire cancelation process manually to unsubscribe from HP Instant Ink. here are the steps that you are required to follow:

  • First, on your device, head to the official website of HP Instant Ink.
  • Now, sign in to your respective account. 
  • On the account page on the screen, go to the “My Plan” section.
  • Press the Edit button over there.
  • Here, at the bottom left of the screen, you can select the “Cancel Enrollment” option. 
  • Press Cancel Service to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription. 

As you follow the process properly, you will soon receive an email with the confirmation that your subscription to the HP Instant Ink service has been canceled. 

2. Cancel HP Instant Ink Service On Your Phone

If you do not want to indulge in the manual process for canceling your subscription to the services of HP Instant Ink, then you can also go for the other option where all you need to do is make a phone call. 

Yes, you can call on the customer support number of HP, which is, 1-855-785-2777, you will be connected to an agent to whom you can explain that you want to cancel your membership in HP Instant Ink. 

They will process your request and your subscription will soon be canceled subsequently you will also receive an email on your linked email address regarding the confirmation of the cancelation of your subscription. 

How Long Is HP Instant Ink Free Trial?

The good part is that HP offers a free trial of its Instant Ink services for the first seven days of the subscription. Once the seven days have passed since you got your HP Instant Ink, your free trial will consequently expire. 

Can You Cancel HP Instant Ink After Free Trial?

Yes, if your free trial to HP Instant Ink is about to end, and you are not satisfied with it, you can cancel your subscription before the billing period of the paid subscription begins so that you are not charged for any money. 

Can You Skip Months In HP Instant Ink?

No, the HP Instant Ink service doesn’t allow its subscribers to put their subscriptions on hold. You can either cancel your subscription entirely or keep it going as it is. 

How To Use Instant Ink Cartridges After Cancellation?

If you have canceled your HP Instant Ink subscription, then you will no longer be able to use its cartridges once the billing period of the subscription ends. You will in fact have to return those cartridges to HP. 

How To Print After Cancelling HP Instant Ink?

If you have canceled your subscription to HP Instant Ink, you will be required to purchase regular ink cartridges for further printing because your HP cartridges are no longer going to work without a subscription. If you are still not able to print, you can also perform a hard reset on your device. 

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Wrap Up

That was all for now, we hope that you will easily be able to cancel your subscription to HP Instant Ink service before the next billing period starts and charges you money for another month.

If there is any other subscription that you would like to get rid of, let us know in the comments and we shall help you out with the right procedure. 

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