How To Cancel A Fashion Nova Order? Know About Its Return Policy!

How To Cancel A Fashion Nova Order?

All of us enjoy purchasing our preferred products, both online and offline. But what happens when you realize that you need to cancel your placed online order? Is that possible? There are many shopping sites, which allow order cancelation, but if we talk about Fashion Nova, there is no guarantee of order cancelation in Fashion Nova. 

One of the top women’s clothing retailers in the US and Canada is Fashion Nova. This clothing retailer develops its catalog based on the best-selling fashion on the market. You can buy the most fashionable clothes in this retail company whether online or offline. But, if for any reason or any emergency, you ever need to cancel your placed Fashion Nova order, then here’s how to do it. 

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to cancel a Fashion Nova Order or we can say that once the order is placed on Fashion Nova, you have no other option but to receive it. But after receiving the order, you can now make a return of your order. Please read the full article, to know about its return policy. 

Can You Cancel A Fashion Nova Order Before It Ships?

Do you accidentally place an order on Fashion Nova? Don’t Worry!! Mistakes happen, but if you are thinking that like other online shopping websites, Fashion Nova also gives you the option to cancel your placed order before its shipment, then we must tell you that you are absolutely wrong. Yes, many people might feel disappointed on hearing this, that Fashion Nova does not accept order cancelations. You are not able to cancel or make changes to any of your placed orders on Fashion Nova. Move forward in this article, to get better solutions to overcome your problem. 

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How To Cancel A Fashion Nova Order?

As said earlier, once the order is placed successfully on Fashion Nova, then you are not able to cancel it whether it is shipped or not. Now, after this, most people must be thinking why can’t I cancel my Fashion Nova order? The reason behind this is that Fashion Nova focuses more on their order processing and delivery. They ensure fast delivery of orders to their customers. So, because of that thing, order cancelation is difficult for them, as the processing of your order starts immediately once the order is placed. So, finally, they confirmed that “Order Cancelations Are Not Possible”. 

Still, if you want to try some methods from your end to cancel your order, then the only thing you can do is to get in contact with Fashion Nova Customer Service Team and ask or request them to cancel your order. Maybe, if your luck works, it is possible that they will agree to cancel your order. Otherwise, the order is delivered to you and you have to receive them. Then, after that, you have the option to return your order. 

How To Return A Fashion Nova Order?

Well!! Instead of order cancelation, you have the option to return your order and get a full refund of it. What is its Return Policy? You have 30 days to return your products or items from Fashion Nova. Make sure that the returned items are in their original condition. Unused and damaged items do not fall under the return policy. Assure that each order is packaged separately. Your return request will take longer to process. 

You can easily return your order from Fashion Nova Website. After heading toward your order history section, you will get the option of “Return” under your delivered order. Click on it and start your return process. 

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How Do Refunds Work On Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova cancel order refund depends on their return process. Once, your order is successfully returned to Fashion Nova, then they will issue you your full refund for that order. They issue refunds to you in the original form of payment. Note that you will not get any refund if your return request is not accepted. 

Your refund will be processed by Fashion Nova in two to five business days. The amount of the refund may not appear in your account for up to 10 days, depending on your financial institution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fashion Nova Customer Service Number?

You can get in contact with Fashion Nova Customer Service Team from their Contact Us Page. For any assistance related to your orders, get help from their team on Contact Us Page. You can also email them to [email protected] Fashion Nova Contact Live Chat is not available. 

Can I Exchange Items On Fashion Nova?

No, Fashion Nova does not allow you to exchange your items, you only have the option to return them in good condition. 


Go with the trend girls! By shopping for the latest fashion clothes from Fashion Nova. Don’t worry!! About wrong-placed orders, even though there is no option to cancel the order, their delivery is so fast that you can easily and quickly return your orders and get your refund. 

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