How To Cancel DEFY Membership? Put An End To Your Adventurous Time!

How To Cancel DEFY Membership?

Wanna experience some adventurous time with your friends, family, or your partner, then DEFY Membership is for you. DEFY provides you with Air Sports Trampoline services to enhance your experience with nature more. If the service is not suiting you, and you want to cancel DEFY Membership, then here in this article you will get to know about it. 

Now you can enjoy climbing, jumping, and yelling with DEFY Trampoline Memberships. Well!! They are not just typical trampoline parks. They are a place where thrill-seekers, followers of extreme sports, and those who simply want to try something new can go to get their fill of thrills. If you now want to end your membership with DEFY, then here is what you need to do.

To cancel DEFY Membership, you need to fill out its membership cancelation form and submit it to their team or you can also contact their customer support service team to get their assistance in canceling your membership. 

DEFY Membership Details

DEFY Membership comes in three membership options. Take a look at this table.

BenefitsBasicEliteElite Family (include 4-6 family members)
Weekend Jump Time2 HoursUnlimited Unlimited
Weekend Jump Time2 Hours (before 1 pm)2 Hours2 Hours
Cafe Discounts20% Off20% Off20% Off
Member-Only EventsYesYesYes
Party DiscountsNo20% Off20% Off
DEFY NightsNoYesYes
Kid JumpNoYesYes
Parent JumperNo$9.99 Parent Add-OnAlready a Family Membership

Choose any of the Membership plans, you can start your service with DEFY and enjoy it until you cancel your membership. 

Can You Cancel Your DEFY Membership?

Yes, after 3 months, you can cancel your DEFY Membership, at any time for any reason for at least 3 days before its next billing month, to avoid being charged. Remember, due to any kind of violence or misuse of the membership, DEFY has the right to terminate your membership on its own. 

How To Cancel DEFY Membership?

If you feel like that now you are done with your DEFY Membership, then you have the one and the most effective way to cancel your DEFY Membership which is via a cancelation form. Yes, by submitting DEFY Membership Cancelation Form to their team you are able to cancel your membership. 

Get the DEFY Membership Cancelation Form now. You will need to fill out the required form with the following details- Park, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Name of Member, and Membership Number. Enter all the information carefully and correctly. Make sure to recheck your Membership Number. 

After filling out the form, Click on the “Cancel Membership” button and submit your form to the DEFY team with the intention of canceling your membership. After receiving your form, they will contact you soon and cancel your membership. You can get a confirmation message in your email, once your membership is canceled by their team. 

How To Cancel DEFY Membership Via Customer Support?

Apart from the cancelation form, if you want a fast method to cancel your DEFY Membership, then you can try to cancel it by getting the help of their Customer Support Service Team. But the thing is that they will too guide you to cancel your DEFY Membership by filling out their online cancelation form before the end of your billing cycle. 

How To Contact DEFY Customer Support Team?

Well!! You can get in touch with DEFY Support team in 3 ways and get their assistance related to your membership issues or any kind of another issue. 

  • Get in Touch With DEFY Team by filling out this online form. Submit the form and your query too to their team.
  • Call on their toll-free number at 888-491-5001
  • Send an Email to their team to [email protected] 

How Do I Get A Refund From Defy?

Every purchase is final on DEFY. Whether it membership or online ticket purchase, there is no exchange or refund policy on DEFY. In case of membership cancelation, termination, or suspension, you will not get your refund back, once it is charged. So, it is recommended to cancel your DEFY Membership, before the start of its new billing month to avoid being charged. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Minimum Commitment For DEFY Memberships?

Yes. All membership packages have a 3-month minimum commitment that will automatically renew each month starting from the day of purchase. Only after the third month’s billing has been processed, the cancellations are accepted.


DEFY is a fun zone until you love to explore your Trampoline Air experiences. After some time, when you enjoyed it a lot, it becomes boring for you and in that situation you need to end your service with DEFY by canceling its membership. Submitting the online cancelation form is the only way to cancel your DEFY Membership. For any kind of assistance, you can get in touch with their Customer Support Service Team. Also, Cancel Urban Air Membership and Cancel Sky Zone Membership.

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