How To Cancel ScrShin Membership? 2 Easy Methods To Terminate Membership!

how to cancel scrshin membership

If you are not much satisfied with ScrShin services or found a better option for your credit report and more then there is no need to continue with them. We can help you cancel your ScrShin membership by providing you with the easy and effective steps to complete the procedure. 

ScrShin provides you access to the three Bureau Credit Reports & Scores. With a membership to ScrShin, you will be alerted of any kind of changes taking place to your credit profile. The learning center of ScrShin makes it easier for all to learn more about credits and how the financial steps or decisions you make would affect you. 

If you are not planning to continue with your ScrShin membership then you can cancel it anytime online from your account page. You can also contact their Customer Service department and cancel the membership on a Phone Call

ScrShin Membership Plans And Charges

There are several monthly subscription plans made available for all users and they can select any of the subscriptions that work for them. 

Subscription PlanCharges
Ultimate Credit$39.90/month
Premium Credit$29.95/month
Basic Credit$9.95/month
Credit Education$49.00 +$19.97/month
Roadside Assistance$19.95/month
Realty ListingsNationwide$69.90/month

The Ultimate Credit subscription plan can be purchased for $39.90/month and provides you with the complete report, monitoring, and protection of all three credits, which are the Experian Credit, TransUnion Credit, and the Equifax Credit. You also get roadside coverage, alerts, and other additional benefits. The Premium Credit subscription plan is available for about $29.95/month and provides you with an Experian Credit report and Credit score. This membership also provides you with roadside coverage and other special benefits. 

The Basic Credit subscription plan costs $9.95/month and only provides you with basic credit monitoring of your profile. Roadside coverage and additional benefits are included in this membership plan. The Credit Education subscription is available for $49.00 + $19.97/month and provides you with the tools and knowledge you require so that you have a good understanding of credit reports and monitoring. You get complete money-back assurance with a digital credit education book. 

The Roadside Assistance can be purchased for $19.95/month and gives you roadside coverage with many additional benefits. You can also purchase Realty Listings Nationwide for $69.90/month for a similar benefit. 

How Can I Cancel My ScrShin Membership?

You can easily cancel your ScrShin membership online or with the help of their Customer Service department. 

Cancel ScrShin Membership Online

1. It is easy to cancel your ScrShin membership online and you must log in to your ScrShin account from the official website to proceed. 

2. Now navigate to the My Account section on the screen page. 

3. From your account, go to the Billing History section. 

4. Now you can cancel your membership from the Customer Portal and complete the procedure by following the steps as prompted. 

Cancel ScrShin Membership On Phone 

1. You can also take the help of their Customer Service department to cancel your membership. 

2. Dial their Customer Support number (866) 458-2801 and you will get in contact with one of their representatives. 

3. Request them that you wish to cancel your ScrShin membership. You will be required to provide them with your Member ID, first & last name, and your registered email address

4. Make sure to provide all important details and ask for a cancellation confirmation message when done.

ScrShin Cancel Membership- FAQs

Does ScrShin Provide A Trial Service?

ScrShin provides a 7-day trial to all those who wish to join them. This trial is available for $1 and during this trial period, the users can check out the features and benefits provided by the ScrShin subscriptions and if they are satisfied, they can continue with one of the membership plans. However, if you have no plans to continue then you can cancel during the trial period so that you are not charged further. Follow the above-mentioned steps to cancel the service. 

How Can I Contact ScrShin Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your credit reports or subscription plans then you can easily get in touch with their Customer Support team. You can dial their Customer Care number (866) 458-2801 and talk to a representative regarding your problem. You can also send a letter to ScrShin for your related queries. Visit the ScrShin Contact Page to get the mailing address details. 

Wrap Up

There are several platforms available for you that provide you with your credit reports and monitor them and ScrShin is one of them. With ScrShin you receive all your three credit reports in one place. But if you are not much satisfied with the services provided by them then you can cancel your membership anytime by following the detailed steps of cancellation discussed above. Contact their Support department for your more related queries and doubts. You can also cancel your ClickFreeScore membership and TransUnion membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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