What Is PWICARE Charge On Credit Card? Is It Legit?

PWICARE Charge On Credit Card

It seems like you have taken the Pwicare services for your billings to ensure privacy. But, if you have continuously seen the Pwicare charges on your credit card, then this is something that you need to worry about. 

Pwicare is a name that appears on your order bill to preserve your security. You can locate your order as well as purchased membership inquiries on this website by going to this page

The Pwicare Charges on your Credit Card are coming from the Pwicare website (a billing website). We have made this article to provide you with genuine information on the Pwicare Charges and how to stop them. 

What Is Pwicare Charge On Credit Card?

There is no doubt that the Pwicare charges that are seeing on your Credit Card are coming from the company or website Pwicare. 

It means that you have entered your bank credit card details on the Pwicare website either intentionally or unintentionally for taking or checking any of its services and now the Pwicare charges you for those services. 

Why Pwicare Charges My Credit Card?

If you have taken any subscription or service under the Pwicare Charge and forget to cancel it before its free trial. Then, the free trial automatically turns into a paid subscription and your credit card will be charged for it. 

So, the charges that you are seeing on your bank statements are coming from the Pwicare billing website for your subscription services. 

Is Pwicare Charge Legit Or Scam?

If you have taken some subscription or service under the Pwicare, then you will be charged at regular intervals for the subscription. In that case, Pwicare charges are legit and genuine.

But, it is a scam if your credit card details are stolen and then you will be charged by the Pwicare company, even though you have not connected to that company in any manner. 

How To Avoid Pwicare Charge On Credit Card?

To remove or stop the Pwicare Charge from your Credit Card, you either need to cancel the subscription (whose billing is under the Pwicare website) or you can directly contact the Pwicare Customer Service team to ask them about those charges and request them to remove them from your Credit Bank Statements. 

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How To Contact The Pwicare Customer Service?

To contact the Pwicare customer service team, you will have three methods. Take a look at these methods below and contact the team today. 

  1. Send an Email to [email protected] 
  1. Email Form: Go to the Pwicare Contact Page and you will get the Email Support Form. 

Fill out the form with the required details and hit the “Submit Info” button. Properly describe your Subject and Description of the issue. 

  1. You will also get the Live Chat service via Pwicare on the same contact page. 

Is It A Good Idea To Block Credit Card To Avoid Pwicare Charges?

A big Yes. To remove any unauthorized charges from your Credit Card, you can simply contact your Credit Card issuer company and ask them first to stop the automatic payment system from your credit card. 

You can also request your bank customer service team to stop the Pwicare charges from your credit card or simply ask them to block your card and get a new one. 


With these effective ways, you can cancel or stop Pwicare charges on your credit card. Next time, be attentive while taking any subscription. Take a subscription only, if you are ready to pay charges for it. 

A Bonus Tip to save yourself from Online scams? Don’t even add your personal or credit card information on any website that is not trustable.

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