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NSFWCharcater is an AI Platform that works like magic. Yes, you can now create customized characters that were in your imagination. You just need to put in some effort and your dream character is all ready to chat with you. 

But, now if you are feeling a bit bored on this platform, then an cancel subscription is also possible. Here, we have some ways to cancel the membership. 

You can cancel your NSFWCharacter Subscription either with the online cancelation method or by getting in touch with their service team via Email. 

NSFWCharacter AI Subscription Pricing

On this platform, you will have to use tokens to chat with your created characters, and to get tokens you have to purchase them. 

Every new user will get 300 tokens for free for the first time. After that, you have to purchase 1000 tokens for $0.99 and 7500 tokens for $4.99. 

Apart from purchasing the tokens, you can take NSFWCharctaer Pro and Pro+ Membership at the following prices- 

  1. Pro Membership: $9.9 per month. 
  2. Pro+ Membership: $14.99 per month

You can get free chat with your characters without any token in both the memberships as well as many more benefits. 

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How To Cancel Subscription?

The cancelation of the NSFWCharcater Pro or Pro+ Subscription depends upon the payment types from which you have purchased its subscription. 

If you are using PayPal, then check your PayPal to get the option to unsubscribe from its subscription. 

If you are paying for its subscription via Credit Card, then go to

How To Cancel NSFWCharacter AI Subscription Via Email?

If you are unable to cancel your NSFWCharcater subscription from the above method, then you can also contact their team and request them to cancel the subscription. 

To contact their team, you can send a cancelation Email to their Email Address at [email protected]. Your cancelation request will be accepted via Email and you will get a confirmation message about it too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use NSFWCharacter For Free?

Only the new user will get the 300 free tokens at first. After that, you have to either purchase the tokens or subscribe for its subscription. 

How To Contact NSFWCharacter Customer Service?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their team either via [email protected] or join their Discord community. 
Go to the NSFWCharacter website and from the bottom right side of the screen, you will get the option of their Discord Community. You can also get connected with their team from their Twitter Handle. 


NSFWCharacter is a safe platform where your chats are saved from the other person. They can create high-quality characters for you to provide you with a realistic chat experience. 

However, if you are thinking of canceling its subscription, you can either do this with the online method or by contacting their team. Choose the cancellation method that works for you.

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