How To Cancel Notion AI Subscription? 2 Effective Ways !!

How To Cancel Notion AI Subscription?

As with the advancement of AI tools, many companies are producing their own AI platforms and Notion AI is also one of them. 

Notion AI is a tool that helps you generate great and quality-based AI content to improve your writing tasks. Apart from this, they can even fix your grammar errors and edit your paragraph by using simple language. 

If you ever think that there is no need for you to create your own with the Notion AI tool, then you can cancel its subscription by downgrading it to its free plan from your account. 

Can You Cancel Your Notion AI Subscription?

Yes, if you are in your Notion AI Paid subscription plan, then you can cancel it at any time before it automatically renews to a new subscription month. 

You can cancel the paid subscription by downgrading the subscription to its free basic plan and accessing this platform only with those services that are available to a free user. 

How To Cancel Notion AI Subscription Online?

Follow these steps to downgrade your Notion AI Subscription plan. 

  1. Go to the Notion AI Website and log in to your Notion AI Account
  1. Navigate to the Settings & Members section
  1. Then, tap on the Plans option from the corner side
  1. Choose “See all plans”
  1. Select the plan and then tap on the Downgrade button under this plan
  1. With this, your paid plan will be canceled and downgraded to the Notion AI free plan
  1. If your paid subscription time period is left, then you can enjoy the perks of the subscription before its current term ends

How To Cancel Notion AI Subscription Via Email?

If you need help from their customer support team in canceling the subscription, then follow these steps for that. 

  1. Write an Email that clearly indicates your intention to cancel your Notion AI Subscription. 
  1. Use a strong subject line that clearly denotes cancelation
  1. Compose the body of the email
  1. Include your personal information for verification
  1. Submit that Email to [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Refunds Work In Notion AI?

If you cancel your subscription within 3 days of taking your monthly membership and 30 days for yearly, then their team will refund your money. 

How Can You Do Notion AI Add-On?

You can add Notion AI to subscription plans with these steps- Go to your Account> Tap on Settings & Members> Select Plans> Tap Add to Plan below Notion AI. 

How Much Does Notion AI Subscription Cost?

You can begin to use its service for free. Then, you can access its Plus subscription plan at $8/month and Business Plan at $15. An Enterprise plan is also available. 

Is Notion AI Free For Students?

Yes, whether you are an adult or a student, the Notion AI free plan is free plan can be accessed by anyone. 

How Can You Contact Notion AI Customer Service?

To contact their team, tap on the “Contact Support” button from the bottom of the Notion AI Website and the Live Chat menu will appear on your screen. Access that and connect with their team agent. 

Send an Email to [email protected]  or you can write to them at their address: Notion Labs, Inc. 2300 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94110 United States. 


No doubt, AI tools make our lives much easier but still, there are some people who do not completely rely on AI content, and will never go for their paid subscription plans. 

If you are using Notion AI Subscription, then you can cancel or downgrade with the steps mentioned above in this article. In case of any query, contact their team and get solutions. You can also cancel the Character AI Plus Subscription.

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