How To Cancel MYiCLUBonline? Effective Cancellation Modes!

how to cancel myiclubonline

It is easy to get fitness subscriptions and gym or club memberships but it can be a complicated procedure to manage your membership account. MYiCLUBonline helps you with your account management and you must have used it already but if the services are not up to the mark and you want to terminate it then we can help you cancel MYiCLUBonline. 

MYiCLUBonline is a platform provided by ABC Fitness where you can create your account online to manage your gym membership and get access to other related information. You can manage your fitness training, classes, and all other requirements from the portal. 

You can easily cancel your MYiCLUBonline from the official website by signing in to your account. Visit the Member Portal link on the page and request cancellation from there. 

What Is MYiCLUBonline? 

MYiCLUBonline is a self-service portal application for club members where they are provided with access to their membership and account information and can manage the account from there. The members will be able to review their payments and purchases, manage their sessions or classes, and update their membership account information. The Basic version of MYiCLUBonline is available for free and it allows members to update their account information like their email address, contact number, and more. 

The Premium Version of MYiCLUBonline will allow you to use all the basic features for free and will also give you access to schedule your training classes and even choose to receive emails or text messages. 

How Can I Cancel MYiCLUBonline?

You can easily cancel MYiClubonline from the official website by filling out a cancellation form. 

1. Visit the official page of MYiCLUBonline and sign in to your account. 

2. Go to the Member portal link and hit the My Membership Information tab to proceed. 

3. Click on the Request a Cancellation link and you will be required to fill out a cancellation form.

4. Fill out all the required details and when done, submit the form by clicking on the Submit Cancel Request button at the bottom of the screen page. 

5. When the procedure is completed and reviewed, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email from them. 

Cancel MYiCLUBonline Due To Moving

You will be allowed to cancel MYiCLUBonline if you are moving to a new location but only if you satisfy the selected conditions. 

> The members must relocate within about 25 miles of their club’s premises or more.

> You will be required to submit a sufficient amount of evidence that you are moving to a different location. 

The evidence to be submitted can be a new electricity bill or electricity connection that would be in the member’s name. You can also submit a newly issued driver’s license that must include your new address. Documents for purchasing a new home or account statements with your new address will also be accepted. Students can also provide a copy of their course schedule or their tuition fee receipt. 

They will review your submitted evidence and will cancel your service if they are satisfied with the evidence. The members can dial their help number 888-827-9262 for more related assistance. 

Cancellation Due To Temporary Or Permanent Medical Condition

If you have a sudden medical disability that can be both temporary or permanent, then you will be allowed to cancel your membership if you provide them with sufficient evidence. 

> You must provide proof of your current medical situation from your doctor that will state your disability or condition. 

> You must also provide the contact of your doctor if they ever need to verify the situation by contacting them. 

Your payments will continue till you submit proper evidence and once you do, they will immediately cancel your services. You can contact the club for more details or call on their support number 888-827-9262 and the representatives there will help you with your request. 

Cancel MYiCLUBonline- FAQs

Why Is MYiCLUBonline Not Working?

If your MYiCLUBonline is not working then there can be issues with the official website. You can try to reboot your device or reload your web page. Also, make sure that you are logged in from the correct registered account, you won’t be accepted if you sign in through the wrong account. 

How Can I Contact MYiCLUBonline Customer Service?

If you have queries related to the services provided by MYiCLUBonline then you can get in touch with their Support department and they will help you accordingly. If you are a gym member, you can contact Customer Service by dialing their help number 888-827-9262. You can also send an email to [email protected]. If you are a club operator, you can call on 866-364-4596 and submit your request. 

Wrap Up

MYiCLUBonline is a membership management platform and you can update your account information or make other necessary changes. But if you are a user already and don’t want to continue with it anymore then follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above. Contact their Customer Support department for more help. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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