How To Cancel Media Craze Subscription? Is It A Scam?

how to cancel media craze subscription?

Is Media Craze Subscription a Scam or Not? Most people claim that when they try to sign up for their Media Craze Account, they don’t get any kind of content or benefit according to their subscription plan.

Due to all these negative reviews, many people are finding ways to cancel their Media Craze Subscription, but don’t get the right procedure to do so. Well!! We will figure out some ways for you to cancel your subscription. Take a look at them later in this article. 

It’s a complete scam that Media Craze members have unrestricted access to movies, music, games, and audiobooks. Many people confirm that they have come across a similar website to Media Craze which also claims to provide unrestricted entertainment to lure in unsuspecting victims. But after signing up on their website, they got some illegal content which makes people end up canceling their subscriptions. 

You can find difficulty in canceling your Media Craze Subscription, as it is a scam website. But you can try to cancel it online from your account or can contact their Service team to get assistance from them in cancelation. 

Why Media Craze Is A Scam- Reviews

After checking a lot of online reviews, it is confirmed that Media Craze ( is a total fraud website. Don’t get scammed with this website. They will charge you with their subscription plan and provide you with some illegal content on their websites and you will not even get a refund from them. 

Some of the Negative Points of the Media Craze are-

  • The owner of the website is using a paid service to conceal his identity on WHOIS. You will not get any kind of information about this website owner on the internet.
  • People claim that this website sells fake products
  • This website got a low score on the Trustscore website and many people voted this website as a fraud on Scamadvisor. 
  • Not even a single positive review anyone heard about this website
  • This website is registered recently without any kind of legal certification
  • You will get some illegal content on this site
  • Even Trend Micro has not trusted this website

How To Cancel Media Craze Subscription? 

If you are a person, who already take a subscription and now wants to cancel the subscription, then we must tell you that Media Craze won’t even give you any kind of method or option to cancel your subscription. In short, you are completely falling into the trap of the Media Craze. 

Then, how can you cancel your Media Craze Subscription? 

The first way to cancel your Media Craze Subscription is by getting in contact with their Customer Support Service team and asking for their help in canceling your Media Craze. But some people stated that their contact service is not available or their contact details are also illegal or non-responsive. 

We still find recommend you try to cancel your subscription by contacting these numbers. Here are the contact details of Media Craze. 

Media Craze Contact Number: +1 844-763-7136 

Media Craze Email Address: [email protected] 

Contact any of these methods (phone or email) if, by luck, you will get in touch with their team member, then ask for their guidance to cancel your Media Craze Subscription. 

The second way to cancel your Media Craze subscription is by login into your Media Craze Account if you find any cancel button on your account, then hit the button and cancel your subscription. It’s not sure that you will find the Cancel button on your account. You can check your account from the Media Craze login page.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund For The Media Craze Subscription?

Well!! It’s a complete NO. Once you take its subscription plan, you will not get any kind of your refund even after canceling its subscription. After all, Media Craze is a scam, then there is no point in getting your money back from them.  


Beware, to take subscriptions from any kind of new or suspicious websites. Make sure to go through some online reviews and search for the website or company thoroughly to determine whether the company is legit or not before taking a subscription from them.

Otherwise, you will again get scammed like a Media Craze subscription and get difficulty canceling the subscription too. 

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