How To Cancel LegalZoom Subscription & Order?

How To Cancel LegalZoom

Are you struggling to cancel your LegalZoom Subscription? Not to worry now, because we made it super easy for you to simply and quickly cancel LegalZoom Subscription or order. Wanna know how? Let’s read this entire article up to the end.

LegalZoom provides a range of legal and business document subscription services, such as access to legal forms, assistance with business formation, and registered agent services. Customers of these subscription services typically pay a monthly or annual fee in exchange for a number of advantages, including unlimited access to legal forms and reduced prices for additional services.

You can make call their service team to cancel your LegalZoom Order. But, if you want to cancel LegalZoom Subscription, then you have the two most obvious ways- To cancel online or to cancel over the phone. 

How To Cancel LegalZoom Subscription Online?

If you want to cancel your LegalZoom Subscription, then the first method from which you can easily do so is online from your LegalZoom Account. Here are the steps for it.

  1. Sign to your LegalZoom Account from LegalZoom Login Page
  1. Select the tab that has the name of your plan on it.
  1. Go to the Manage Payment Section
  1. Tap on your Subscription
  1. Then, click on Cancel Link
  1. Confirm your cancelation

How To Cancel LegalZoom Subscription Over The Phone?

A LegalZoom subscription can be canceled over the phone in a quick and easy process. First, compile the details of your account, such as the account number and any pertinent payment information. Then dial (888) 310-0151 for LegalZoom Contact. You need to call them during their working hours, Monday-Friday from 5 am to 7 pm. 

Tell the customer service agent you want to cancel your LegalZoom subscription when you speak with them. To access your account details and confirm your identity, the representative might ask for your account information. In order to avoid any delays or problems with the cancellation process, make sure to provide accurate information.

The customer service agent will probably inquire as to why you wish to cancel your subscription. If you choose, you may give a justification for your decision, but it is not necessary. The representative will process your cancellation once they have verified your account information and cancellation request.

It is a good idea to check your account and payment statements after canceling your subscription over the phone to make sure the cancellation has been handled properly. You can always get help from LegalZoom customer service if you have any questions or problems.

How To Cancel LegalZoom Order?

Well!! If you want to cancel your LegalZoom Order, you can only do this by calling their team over the phone and requesting them to cancel your order. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can cancel your LegalZoom Order.

  • Collect the details of your order, such as the order number, the name of the product or service, and any pertinent payment information.
  • Dial (800) 773-0888 to reach the LegalZoom customer service department.
  • When you speak with a customer service agent, let them know you want to cancel your order.
  • To access your order details and prove your identity, provide your order information.
  • If prompted, give a justification for the order cancellation.
  • With the representative, confirm the cancellation and any applicable refund.
  • Check your account and payment statements after you cancel your order by phone to make sure the cancellation was handled properly.

How To Cancel LegalZoom Registered Agent Services?

You must always have a registered agent on file, according to the majority of states. Therefore, you must name a new one and file the change with the state before you can cancel. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to provide them with documentation of the change (a copy of the document you filed, a copy of your most recent annual report that lists the new registered agent, or a screenshot of the information on your registered agent’s website). When you’re ready, you can cancel your registered agent services after uploading proof of the change.

After that, follow these steps to cancel your Registered Agent Services with LegalZoom.

  1. Go to LegalZoom Website and tap on the Sign in option from the top of the screen.
  1. Login to your LegalZoom Account from your email and password
  1. Go to the Account tab
  1. Click on the Manage Payment section
  1. Tap on your Registered Agent Services Subscription
  1. Click on the Cancel Link

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Money Back From LegalZoom?

If you are eligible for a refund, you can submit your refund request by calling their team at (800) 773-0888

How To Contact Legal Customer Service Team?

These are some of the most possible ways from which you can get in contact with the LegalZoom Customer Service Team.

  • LegalZoom Phone Number: (888) 379-0854 from Monday-Friday 5 am to 7 pm and Weekends 7 am to 4 pm. 
  • For Sales Queries call on (855) 787-1922
  • Submit your question from the LegalZoom Contact page and their service team member will get in contact with you soon. 


We hope that now you are able to cancel your LegalZoom Subscription or order without any difficulty with the methods mentioned above. As LegalZoom comes in an Auto-Renewal Subscription plan, so make this sure that you cancel your subscription before the start of your next billing cycle. 

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