How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription?

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription?

If you were looking for ways to replenish your skin and came around IL Makiage products then you must have already purchased one.

But if you tried using their subscription plans and it didn’t work for you then no worries, we are here to help you cancel IL Makiage Auto-Delivery Subscription. 

IL Makiage is known to provide customers with a new method to shop for their desired beauty products online. The tech-focused beauty brand allows you to answer some significant questions related to your skin health and more and then you can find the products that would go well with your demands. 

You can cancel it online from your account page. Visit the official website and cancel your auto-delivery from there

Can I Cancel My IL Makiage Order?

According to IL Makiage, the moment you place an order on their platform, they immediately send it to their warehouse for processing.

There is not much time in between and thus it makes it difficult for them to cancel your order or make any kind of edits or changes to the already existing order.

So, you won’t be able to cancel your IL Makiage order if you already placed one on the platform.  You can, however, make changes to your auto-replenishment order or cancel it.

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription?

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription- How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription?

1. Visit the official page of IL Makiage and log in to your account. Now navigate to the My Account section there. 

2. Search for the MY AUTO-REPLENISHMENT tab on the screen page and then click on it. 

3. There, you will see the options to edit the quantity or frequency of your orders, look for the cancel option there and hit it. 

4. You will be required to provide a reason for your subscription cancellation, give the reason and when you are done, click on the CANCEL AUTO-REPLENISHMENT option. 

How To Contact IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Via Contact Form?

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription- How To Contact IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Via Contact Form?

You can get help from the IL Makiage Team if you have any kind of issues with your Auto-Replenishment Subscription or Order. Follow these steps to get the Contact Form and cancel your Subscription.

  1. Click here to get the IL Makiage Contact Form.
  2. Start filling out the form with the First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  3. Include Your Order Number
  4. Select Auto-Replenishment from the Subject Field.
  5. Write down some Comments and hit the Send Us A Message button
  6. When their team gets in touch with you, ask them to cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Via Email?

You are also allowed to send your Auto-Replenishment Subscription or Order-related queries to their team via Email.

It means you can also submit your IL Makiage Subscription cancellation request to their team by sending a proper cancellation Email to [email protected].

Can I Return My IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Order?

How To Cancel IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Subscription- Can I Return My IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment Order?

If you are planning to exchange or return your IL Makiage order then you can do so within 30 days’ time. You can request your order return from the official website. 

1. Visit the IL Makiage Return Portal to request a return for your order. 

2. Provide your Order Number and Email address there. Now choose the items that you wish to return. 

3. You can now download one return label for one order of IL Makiage. 

4. Place the items to be returned in the package and add the return label over it. When you are done, drop the package at the location mentioned on your return label. 

5. It may take them up to two weeks to process your order return and refund and some more time to see the amount in your account. 

Note: If your first order is under the Try Before You Buy Program, then you have 14 days to return the order.

How To Pause IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment?

1. Visit the My Account section on the official website and hit MY AUTO-REPLENISHMENT.

2. Find the section where you can edit the frequency or quantity of your deliveries and there you will find the button to Pause your Auto-Replenishment. 

3. If you want to pause the replenishment, then you will be required to select the date you wish to pause it from and the date to resume the service. 

4. When you are done, you can click on the PAUSE AUTO-REPLENISHMENT button and confirm the procedure. 

How To Skip IL Makiage Delivery?

1. Go to the official website and open the My Account page to initiate the procedure. 

2. Hit the MY AUTO-REPLENISHMENT tab and from the available options there, click on Skip Order

3. This option can be found on the Upcoming Shipments page. 

4. Again click on the Skip Shipment option and save and confirm the changes you made. 

IL Makiage Cancel Subscription- FAQs

Does IL Makiage Offer You A Refund?

Yes, if you successfully made your return within 14 days, then you will get a refund for the IL Makiage Auto-Replenishment order.

Why Did IL Makiage Charge Me?

When you receive products from IL Makiage, you have about a 14-day trial period to try them and see for yourself if it’s working for you.

You can return your product within 14 days if you are unsatisfied with it, but if you do not return the product, they assume that you are satisfied with it and they will charge you accordingly. 

How Do I Close My IL Makiage Account?

Customers can also send an email to [email protected] to close their IL Makiage account and also for other related queries.

How To Contact IL Makiage Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your orders, shipment, or your subscription management then you can contact the Customer Support department of IL Makiage.

You can visit the IL Makiage Contact Us Page and send a message online by filling out a form. IL Makiage Telephone Number: +1 (551) 751-7495.

Wrap Up

IL Makiage has several beauty products for you to choose from and by providing details of your skin health, you can receive the ones that will do wonders for you.

However, if you tried their subscription or auto-replenishment but the results are not satisfactory then you can cancel it anytime by following the steps of cancellation discussed above.

You can get in touch with the IL Makiage Customer Support department and the representatives there will help you accordingly. You can also cancel the Glossybox subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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