How To Cancel Hyatt Business Credit Card?

Hyatt Business Credit Card Cancel

If you no longer require your Hyatt Business Credit card for business expenses or your business is facing some significant changes, you may want to cancel your Hyatt Business Credit card.

The Business Credit Card offered by The Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is indeed one of the smartest and best credit card options for Business owners. Hyatt hotels and vacation properties offer a luxurious hospitality experience to their customers.

You Can cancel your Hyatt Business Credit by contacting the Card issuer directly via calling or reaching out to the bank. To know the whole process, read the article.

How To Cancel Hyatt Business Credit Card Over The Phone?

Chase is a National Bank in America and it issues the Hyatt Business Credit Cards. So, Hyatt Business Cardholders can cancel their Credit Card By directly contacting Chase on their Toll-free number 800-935-9935. The card is a smart option for all business owners as it provides countless benefits to business owners and their employees as well.

However, To cancel your Hyatt Credit Card please get in touch with the customer service of Chase via call and request them to cancel your credit card. You would need to provide some details for verification. With this simple and easy method, your card will be canceled without any difficulty.

How To Cancel Hyatt Business Credit Card Via Live Chat?

You can easily send a cancelation request by using the live chat option that is available on their website. The process to do that is very simple, just log into the website, and at the bottom right of the page, you should be able to find a Live Chat Option. Click on that to initiate a chat and connect with their service team. 

The service team will assist you with the further process. Make sure that you have no balance left on your card and redeem all the rewards or cashback on your Hyatt Business Credit Card before requesting to cancel the card. Because once your card is canceled by them, you will lose access to the reward points or any cashback.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hyatt Business Credit Cards?

It is extremely important to refer to the Pros and Cons before making the decision to cancel a credit card. The pros and cons Of Hyatt Business Credit Card are listed below:


  • Upto 60,000 signing bonus points
  • Rewards structure
  • Exclusive benefits on every spend
  • Zero foreign transaction charge


  • $5 or 5% charges for transferring outstanding balance
  • High APR
  • $199 Annual charges 
  • Can not be used for personal uses
  • Limited to only Hyatt Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Hyatt Via Call?

To contact Hyatt Customer Service, go to this webpage and select the number as per your region to get in touch with them.

Which Bank or Company Issues Hyatt Credit Cards?

Hyatt Business Credit Cards are issued by an American Bank named Chase.


Hyatt Business Credit Card offers countless benefits to their cardholders. Canceling it requires financial advice and thoughtful consideration. It will affect your Credit utilization ratio and credit score as well, so make sure to talk to your financial advisor first. Then follow the instructions in this article to cancel your credit card effortlessly.

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