How To Cancel Regalia Gold Credit Card?

Cancel Regalia Gold

HDFC Bank provides you with the Regalia Gold Credit Card for getting rewards for your every online and offline spent. However, due to its high renewal membership fee, most people cancel their Regalia Gold Card. 

With a 2500 joining fee, you will get the HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card. Each time you spend money from this Credit Card, you will get the reward points. Apart from this, you will get amazing flight vouchers and lounge access. 

You can cancel your Regalia Gold Credit Card by submitting your online cancelation request on the HDFC Credit Card portal. 

How To Cancel Regalia Gold Credit Card?

Follow these steps to cancel your HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card online. 

  1. Submit your online cancelation request here
  2. Enter your registered Mobile Number
  3. Type the OTP received 
  4. Select your credit card from the following options
  • Not registered for MyCards- Type the last 4 digits of the credit card
  • Multiple Credit Card holders- Select the card or add the card from the list
  • Single Credit Card Holder- start with the next steps
  1. Choose the reason for canceling the credit card
  2. Verified with OTP
  3. Your request to close the credit card is sent successfully.

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What If Your HDFC Regalia Gold Card Is Lost?

You will get Zero Cost Lost Liability for your Regalia Gold card. If you lose your Regalia Gold Card, then you will need to inform immediately about it to the HDFC 24-hour Call Center and they will close your Credit Card and you will get a new card soon from the HDFC Bank. 

HDFC Bank Complaint Number: 1800 202 6161/ 1860 267 6161

Customers travelling abroad can call at +9122 61606160 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Annual Fee Of HDFC Regalia Gold?

The annual as well as joining fee for the Regalia Gold Credit Card is 2500+GST. 

How To Contact The Regalia Gold Customer Service?

As the Regalia Gold Credit Card is issued by the HDFC bank, in case of any issues with the Regalia Gold Credit Card, you can contact the HDFC nabk on their toll-free number at 1800 202 6161/ 1860 267 6161


Despite having HDFC Regalia Credit Card benefits, there comes a time, when you no longer see any benefits for owning this credit card. 

Then, you might want to cancel your Regalia Gold Card and with this, these online cancelation steps (mentioned above) proved to be helpful for you. 

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