How To Cancel Venmo Payment? Guaranteed Methods!

Cancel Venmo Payment

It is always recommended to be careful while making online payments because it is difficult to get back your money, once it is transacted. But, still, being human, mistakes happen, if you ever made the same mistake with your Venmo Account, then here are certain things that you will need to know that will going to be discussed in this article. 

In this modern time, where almost all work has shifted to online and digital platforms, payments are also made online and we are now introduced to many online payment modes or apps that provide us with the feature of secure and easy online payments. Venmo is also one of them, but if you paid money to the wrong person through Venmo Payment mode, then what will you get your money back? To answer these questions, we provided you with some ways to cancel your Venmo Payment.

In some conditions, you can cancel your Venmo Payment. If your payment is in the “Incomplete” or “Pending” position or if payment is made via iMessage, then you can cancel it. Otherwise, you need to submit a request to refund your money.

How you can do so? Let’s let you know about every Venmo Payment situation and how to get back from it.

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Can You Cancel Your Venmo Payments?

When you made a payment to someone from Venmo, the funds or money are automatically credited to your account because sending money with Venmo is so quick. But it is said that in Venmo, once a payment has been sent, it can not be canceled. 

You can cancel Venmo Payments, under certain conditions:

  • You can cancel your Venmo Payments if you paid someone who is not using Venmo Account.
  • If you made your payment to the wrong person, then you can not cancel your payment, but submit a request to get back your money.
  • If you send your money to the wrong person and they will not return your money, then you can contact Venmo Support for help. 

How To Cancel Venmo Payment To An Inactive Account?

Getting money from a working Venmo Account is quite difficult, but in the case of an Inactive Venmo Account, things are different. If you have made your Venmo payment to an inactive account, then in that case you can cancel your payment because the money is not received by anyone. As a result, recovering your money in such a case may be much easier. 

If you send money to an inactive account, the money will go through a pending or incomplete process, and canceling an incomplete transaction is easy in Venmo. 

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Here are the steps to cancel your Venmo Payment to an inactive account:

  • Open your Venmo App
  • Navigate to the Menu section from the left side
  • Select “Incomplete”
  • Click on the “Payment tab” where you will find your incomplete payment
  • Click on the “Cancel” button under that payment
  • After that, money will automatically be credited to the sender’s account

How To Cancel A Venmo Payment In iMessage?

You can cancel your Venmo Payment if you made your payment via iMessage. iPhone users also have the option of Apple Pay Cash to send their messages from iMessage. If you send money to someone by using iMessage and the receiver does not receive the money within 3 days, then the payment is automatically canceled. 

You can also cancel your payment until it is not accepted by the receiver with these simple steps- Venmo app> Select “Incomplete”> Click on the “Take Back” button under your payment. 

What To Do If You Sent A Venmo Payment To The Wrong Person?

If you accidentally made a payment to the wrong person, then you can not cancel that Venmo payment, but you can ask for your money from the receiver (if you know each other). 

However, if you send it to the wrong person, the situation becomes more complicated. You probably won’t know that person, and they probably won’t know you. They don’t want to refund your money. Then, you can send a request to get back your money.

Requesting For Your Money Back

By using Venmo’s standard method, you can request to get back your money. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open your Venmo App
  • Select the “Pay or Request” button from your home screen at the bottom
  • Search for the person to whom you send money accidentally, by entering their username
  • Write a short note with the reason why you want your money back
  • Enter the amount of money you sent
  • Hit the “Request” button
  • Click on “Next” to submit your request

You can also send a reminder to the person if you believe they saw your request but forget to reply. Follow these steps to send a reminder to the person.

  • Open Venmo App
  • Click on the “three dots” button from the top of the screen
  • Click on the “Incomplete” option
  • You will then see various transaction sections. You will find your all unfinished transactions under “Requests”. Click on the “Remind” button 
  • When you tap this, it will change to a grey message that says “Reminded.”

What To Do If You Made A Duplicate Payment (Paid Accidentally Twice)?

If you accidentally paid twice to the same person, then ask them to send your money or you can submit your request to get back your money.

  • From Venmo App, tap on “Pay or Requests”
  • Enter the receiver’s name
  • Enter the amount you want to get back
  • Write a note for getting your money
  • Hit the “Request” button 

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What You Can Do If Your Payment Is Not Refunded?

After submitting your request, if still your payment is not refunded to you, then you can contact Venmo for Support. Even, Venmo does not give you a guarantee to get back your money. But in some cases, you can get your money. You can try contacting Venmo Support regarding your Venmo issue.

Follow these steps to contact Venmo Support:

  • Click the three dots button from the left side of your Venmo App
  • Tap on the “Get Help” button 
  • You can select “Contact Us”, “Email”, or “Chat With Us” to connect with their team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Venmo Refund Take?

If you have already made a request to get a refund from Venmo then you must know that it can take up to 1-5 days to reflect the amount in your account.

How To Dispute A Venmo Payment?

If you ever see an unrecognized or an unauthorized transaction on your account then you can of course dispute a Venmo payment. You can send an email to their help team [email protected] or use their mobile application to chat with the representatives. You can also make your request through their contact form.

Does Venmo Refund Money If Scammed?

Well, Venmo doesn’t promise any such thing so you are on thin ice here. If you ever get scammed using Venmo then they might not be able to help you and you can only get a refund from the receiver. Obviously, a scammer won’t do that. You can, however, contact their help team for more details.

How Do I Delete A Transaction On Venmo App?

No, you cannot delete a transaction on your Venmo application as it does not allow deleting past transactions. If you try to block particular users or even think of deleting your account, then also, the transaction details will stay there. However, you do have the option to make the transactions private. Go to the Privacy section from Settings and then Select Past Transactions. There you will see the option to make those past transactions private.

Is There A Way To Cancel A Venmo Bank Transfer?

No there isn’t any way to cancel a Venmo Bank transfer. Once you have made the payment, you won’t be able to cancel it because the procedure is so fast and there isn’t much time in between to cancel your transaction or bank transfer.


Well!! It is now advised to you to use Venmo wisely. Double-check the receiver’s account number, ID, or registered number before making payment, to avoid wrong transactions. Still, if it happens, then immediately do all the possible ways to cancel your payment otherwise get in touch with the Venmo Support Team.

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