How To Cancel Oxfam? 2 Simplified Methods!

How To Cancel Oxfam? 2 Simplified Methods!

If you aren’t left with enough money you can continue to donate to Oxfam for fighting poverty and providing social justice, then it is okay to stop your donations right away until you are again ready for it. But, do you even know who you can cancel your Oxfam donations?

There are several international organizations that aid social welfare and poverty and Oxfam is one of them that targets poor sections and social justice. A lot of people support their mission and contribute whatever they can. 

If you want to stop your Oxfam donation, then you will need to reach out to their customer support by calling them and request for the same. You can also fill out their Regular Giving Enquiry form and request the cancelation. 

To understand the process in detail so that you are not at all troubled while terminating Oxfam donations, continue reading this article. 

How To Cancel Oxfam? 

There are currently two ways in which you can have your Oxfam donations canceled. Let us discuss each of them in detail so that it becomes easy for you to decide what way is convenient for you to implement. 

Cancel Oxfam Donations Via Phonecall

If you want to cancel your Oxfam donations via phone call, you will need to dial the number 0300 200 1300 on your phone which is the official customer service number of Oxfam.

As you dial this number, you shall be connected with one of the customer support agents of Oxfam who you can speak with and make your request for the cancelation of your donation.

They will probably ask you to provide them with some related details after which they will termite your Oxfam donation. You can also ask them for a confirmation message so that it can be used as a proof later if required. 

Cancel Oxfam Donation Online

If you do not wish to contact the customer service of Oxfam over the phone, then you have an alternative option to get your donation canceled. 

For this, you will be required to head to the official website of Oxfam. On their home page, head to the “What We Do” section. 

Then, move to the About Us option where you will see the Contact Us link. Click on it and select “Regular Giving”. 

Now, you will be provided with a Regular Giving Enquiry Form which you can fill in and submit your request for the cancelation of your regular donations to Oxfam.

Your request shall soon be acknowledged and approved after which your donation shall be canceled. 


Can You Cancel Your Oxfam Membership Online?

Though there is an online option to get your Oxfam membership canceled, it still only lets you reach out to their customer support and the final step shall be taken by the customer support team of Oxfam. 

Can You Get A Refund From Oxfam?

If you have made a purchase on Oxfam and it has some fault or not as described, then you can return it and get a refund for the same. You just need to make sure that you have valid proof for returning the item and the item shall be returned within 30 days of purchase. 

Wrapping Up

That was all that you needed to know about Oxfam and how to make any cancelations of your donations to Oxfam. If there is still something that you need help with regarding Oxfam or while canceling any other service, let us know in the comments.

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