How To Cancel David Lloyd Health Club Membership?

How To Cancel David Lloyd Health Club Membership?

It seems like you joined the David Lloyds health club gym, but after a few days, you don’t like the environment of the gym. Don’t worry!! If that’s the situation with you, then you landed on the best page because here we will discuss some effective methods to cancel David Lloyds membership. 

If you are thinking of becoming a member of the David Lloyds Health Club, then you can go for it. Across Europe, you will find many gyms and clubs under David Lloyds. You will get all types of fitness services along with indoor and outdoor pools, racquets, as well as spa services. 

You can cancel your David Lloyd Membership by getting membership support from their team and they will help you in canceling your membership with ease or will cancel it for you. 

David Lloyd Membership Cancellation Policy?

How To Cancel David Lloyd Health Club Membership- David Lloyd Membership Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your David Lloyd membership at any time. But before cancelation, you have to notify about your cancelation to their team by sending them a written notification letter via mail to their address. 

You have to send a one-month calendar notice (David Lloyd cancel membership notice period) to their team before ending your membership. 

How To Cancel David Lloyd Membership Via App?

You will get support from their membership team within your David Lloyd App, which is especially there for you to resolve any of your membership issues. To cancel your membership, you have to go to your David Lloyd App. 

In-App, you will get the option to do Live Chat with their team. If you prefer to do Live Chatting, click on the Live Chat option and start chatting with one of their team members. Ask them to cancel your membership and they will do it for you. 

You can also get the option to “Book a Call” and you will be get connected to their team member over a call. Have a direct conversation with their team member and tell them to cancel the membership. 

How To Cancel David Lloyd Membership Via Email?

You can also have the Email option to get in touch with their support team and notify them about canceling your membership. You can send a cancelation email to their team and they will help you with your cancelation. 

You just have to send an email to your club with your club name and in the subject line and a member of the team will surely respond to your email. You can also send an email to their membership support team at [email protected] 

How To Cancel David Lloyd Membership Via Mail?

You can notify their team about canceling your membership by writing their team a cancelation letter and sending it to their Head Office Postal Address. 

David Lloyd Leisure

PO Box 349


AL10 1EF

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Your David Lloyd Membership?

Yes, you can freeze or suspend your membership at any time for any single period of not less than two or more than nine calendar months during any twelve-month period. 

You can notify their team about suspension in writing via the David Lloyd Club App, the membership section of the website, email, post, or by filling out a freezing form at your club. 

How To Contact David Lloyd Customer Service?

You can contact their team within the David Lloyd App where you will get the Live Chat as well as the calling option. Go through their Contact Page for more contact options. 


If you are done with your fitness workout classes from David Lloyd Club, then you can cancel your membership at any time with the help of their team’s membership support. For any other cancelation services, let us know in the comment section. You can also cancel your Genesis Health Club membership.

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