How To Cancel Optimum Service? End Service In 4 Easy Steps!

how to cancel optimum service

If you opted for Optimum to receive fast internet service but are not being provided by the same then there is no need to continue. We are here to help you with the cancellation of your Optimum service. 

Optimum provides services related to the Internet, cable television, and more. Users can get affordable internet service plans to stay connected to the world and always be online. You can also get several mobile and home phone services from the company that has also been popular for providing cable Internet access. 

The cancellation of your Optimum service is a little work as all you have to do is call the Customer Support department of Optimum and request their team member to cancel your service.

How Can I Cancel My Optimum Service and Close Optimum Account?

You can easily cancel your Optimum service if you are not planning to continue using it by contacting their Customer Support department. 

  • Call Customer Service number 866-200-7186 or 611 with Optimum Number to initiate cancellation.
  • You will be connected to one of their representatives, telling them you plan to cancel the service. 
  • They will ask you for your information, so do provide them with your account details and number. 
  • Remember to ask them to send you a cancellation message when it’s done. 

What Happens When You Cancel Optimum?

You can easily cancel your optimum TV and internet service plans anytime you want and due to the lack of any service contract, there is no early termination fee to be charged.

However, you cannot cancel your service online and will have to contact the Customer Support department for the same. You cannot cancel your service in person by visiting the nearest office of Optimum. 

After contacting their Customer Service department, you must return your Optimum equipment after making the service cancellation request. Otherwise, you might have to pay a fee for the same.

You can prepare your equipment return by printing a prepaid shipping label from the official FedEx website. Place all the equipment into a box and then label it. When you are done, you can drop the equipment box at a FedEx location for its return. 

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How Do I Change My Optimum Service Plan?

You can upgrade or make changes to your Optimum service plan whenever you want. You can always choose a different service plan and change your current plan to it.

If you are a service user from Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York, you can visit the official website, navigate, or call their help department at 866-347-4784

Customers who are away or outside of the Northeast can also visit or call the help department and speak to a representative at 877-694-9474. Tell them about the service plan you wish to change and the plan you wish to change to. Provide your required details and they will complete the changing procedure for you. 

Cancel Optimum Service- FAQs

Can I Cancel Optimum Service Online?

No, you cannot cancel your Optimum service online; they don’t allow you to. You can, however, cancel the service by speaking to their Customer Service department. Request them that you want to cancel your Optimum service and they will help you with that. 

Does Optimum Have A Cancellation Fee? 

Optimum does not ask the customers to provide any kind of early termination fee or service cancellation fee. You can cancel your Optimum service anytime you require and you won’t be charged with penalties or cancellation fees for that. 

Can You Cancel Optimum With A Balance?

You are not required to pay any cancellation or termination fee to Optimum due to the lack of its contract feature, however, you must have paid all your dues and cleared all your balance. You might be required to pay the balance for your full billing cycle. Contact their Support department for more related details. 

Can I Cancel Optimum At The Store?

No, the customers cannot cancel the Optimum service at the stores. You will have to cancel by calling their support department and after cancellation is completed, you can bring the returning equipment to the store. 

How To Contact Optimum Customer Service?

Go to the Optimum Contact Page, and you will get the different contact numbers for contacting their service team. You can also Chat with their team by tapping on the “Chat with us” icon in the bottom right corner.

Wrap Up

Optimum provides users with phone, cable TV, and internet services to keep them connected to the world. You can visit the official website to learn about the service plans and choose the perfect one for you.

If you are unsatisfied with the services provided by them then you can cancel the service anytime by following the service cancellation steps mentioned above and putting an end to it.

Contact the Optimum Customer Service department for your more related queries and they will help you accordingly.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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