How To Cancel Fallout 1st? 3 Simple Methods To Cancel!

how to cancel fallout 1st

If you too are a fan of role-playing games and the adventure in them excites you the most then you must have possessed the Fallout series. So how is it going for you? Well, if you purchased Fallout 1st but now no longer wish to continue using it then no worries, we can help you cancel it by providing you with easy and effective steps. 

Fallout is one of the popular role-playing videogame series set in a post-apocalyptic background. Fallout 1st is a premium membership purchased by the players and enhances the experience of Fallout 76. The premium members also get access to several other features and benefits that make the game even better. 

You can cancel your Fallout 1st membership from the platform you used to purchase it. The cancellation is easy on the platforms like Steam, Xbox, and your PlayStation. Sign In to your account on these platforms and you will be able to cancel your membership from there

How Much Does Fallout 1st Cost?

Fallout 1st provides the players with special features and benefits to increase the Fallout 76 experience. The Fallout 1st can be purchased for $12.99 per month or as an annual membership of $99.99. With this subscription, the players will be able to create Private World within the game.

It makes it easy to manage your player team and customize your own world. Even combat and crafting details could be changed or upgraded. 

The Survival Tent is one significant feature added to the game for the subscribers which enables the players to fast travel anywhere. Storage, crafting, and much more is available in those Survival Tents. All the crafting and other materials stored by the players in the game will stay even if your subscription ends.

The players also receive numerous atoms that will help them in the in-game store. There are also discounts and several other offers for those who purchase the Fallout 1st membership. 

How Can I Cancel Fallout 1st?

There are several ways to cancel your Fallout 1st membership and it depends on the platform you chose to purchase it. 

Cancel Fallout 1st On PlayStation

1. If you purchased the membership on your PlayStation system then you can initiate cancellation by signing in to your account

2. Now move to the Settings section on the screen page and hit the Account Management button. 

3. You can now click on the Account Information option and then go to Services List

4. Choose the subscription you wish to cancel from the options available. 

5. Toggle Off the Auto Renew button and this will cancel your membership. 

To cancel your membership from the computer, visit the official website of PlayStation. Now log in to your PlayStation network account. Visit the Subscriptions Management section and choose the subscription to be canceled. Toggle off the Auto Renew switch and you are done. 

Cancel Fallout 1st On Steam

1. Go to the Steam official website to initiate cancellation. 

2. Sign in to your Steam account and navigate to the Account Details section. 

3. Move to the Store & Purchase History section and under that find and click on the Manage Subscriptions button. 

4. Look for your Fallout 1st subscription there and click on the Edit link next to it. 

5. You will now see Cancel my subscription, click on the Apply button. 

You will see a confirmation sign that your subscription to Fallout 1st is now canceled. 

Cancel Fallout 1st On Xbox

1. To cancel the subscription on your Xbox Console, hit the Xbox button

2. Now navigate to Profile & system and then select the Settings option there. 

3. Go to your Account section and from the options available, choose Subscriptions

4. Select your Fallout 1st subscription from there and then follow the steps as prompted to cancel your subscription. 

To cancel your Xbox subscription from the web, visit the Xbox official website for the same. Sign in to your Xbox account and then select the Subscriptions section. Hit the View all subscriptions option and then you can hit the Manage button next to the subscription you want to cancel. You will be able to cancel your subscription or turn off the recurring bill. 

TUTORIAL: How to cancel Fallout 1st on Steam

Follow this tutorial to cancel Fallout 1st on Steam.

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Cancel Fallout 1st-FAQs

Will I Get A Refund From Fallout 1st?

You won’t be provided any refund from Fallout 1st if you purchased it on steam and probably the case is similar to other streaming platforms as well. However, you can request a refund from the official page if you want to try. The subscription stays even after cancellation till your current billing period is completed. 

What Do You Keep When You Cancel Fallout 1st?

If you cancel your Fallout 1st or the subscription expires, the users will still be allowed to get any of the Atoms that they receive or any other resources that have been stored in your Scrapbox. However, you will not be allowed to deposit any new crafting component.

Why Can’t I Cancel My Fallout 1st Subscription On PlayStation?

You should carefully go through the cancellation steps discussed above for your PlayStation cancellation. However, if you are still unable to cancel your subscription, then you can dial their Customer Support number 877-971-7669. Talk to their representative and they will help you with cancellation. 

Wrap Up

If you are not getting the best experience playing Fallout 76 then a Fallout 1st subscription can be a great help for that. But if you tried the subscription and are unsatisfied or don’t want to use it anymore, you can cancel it by following the detailed steps discussed above.

Choose the platform you purchased to get the subscription and look for its cancellation steps above. Visit the official website for more related details. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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