How To Cancel A TigerDirect Order? 3 Easy Methods!

How To Cancel A TigerDirect Order

You can purchase many electronic, computer hardware, software, and gaming products by placing an online order on TigerDirect. But what if you’ve already placed an order but have changed your mind and no longer want it? Obviously, you would want to cancel it and if you don’t know how to cancel a TigerDirect order, then we are here to assist you. 

TigerDirect is a California-based online retailer company that deals in electronic, and computer products for business and corporate customers. Over the years, this company has been selling its products in bulk and its online customer base is just endless. People love to shop for their products online but it can happen to anyone that the placed order needs to be canceled. To know about, TigerDirect Cancel Order, read the entire article. 

You can cancel your TigerDirect Order, by contacting their Support Team via the Contact Us Form, Email, or Live Chat option. You can also opt for calling. 

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Can You Cancel Your Order From TigerDirect?

Yes, like other online shopping websites, you can also cancel your order from TigerDirect after placing it. But you should know that you can not cancel your order directly from the TigerDirect Website or from its App. Then, what is the way to cancel it? 

Well!! You can cancel your order from TigerDirect by getting in contact with their Customer Support Service Team and asking for their help in canceling your TigerDirect Order. Here in this article, you will get to know about the ways to contact the TigerDiret Customer Service Team. 

How To Cancel A TigerDirect Order?

Only their customer support service team can help you in canceling your placed order from TigerDirect. These are the three ways to get in contact with the TigerDirect Customer Service Team and ask them to cancel their order. 

  • Fill out a short form to contact them.
  • Contact them via Email
  • Contact them via “Live Chat”

Cancel TigerDirect Order From A Form

The first way to get in contact with TigerDirect Support Team is by filling out an online form, with your concern and submitting it.

After, getting your form, their team member will contact you soon on the basis of the information provided by you on the form and help you in canceling your order. Make sure you will provide your correct contact details so that they can contact you easily and be prepared with a valid reason for canceling your order. 

You will get TigerDirect Contact Us Form Fill out the short form properly by filling in all the attributes and choosing “Order Concern” in the “Subject” section.  Hit the “Submit my info” button to submit your request. 

Cancel TigerDirect Order Via Email

The other way to get in contact with their team is by writing them an email regarding your order cancelation and sending it to [email protected]  then, after receiving your email, they will get back to you to solve your concern or reply back to you via email with your order cancelation steps. Indicate your order with # on your email. For example Order No. #06777236987001

Cancel TigerDirect Order Via Live Chat

Well!! If you are a text or a chat person, then this is the last and the only way for you to get in touch with TigerDirect Customer Support Service Team, by chatting with them directly via “Live Chat” and asking them to cancel your order. 

You can chat with one of their team representatives by clicking on the “Chat Now” option located on the TigerDirect Page. Live Chatting on TigerDirect is available from Monday To Friday from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.

How To Get A Refund From TigerDirect?

You can get a full refund from TigerDirect, only if the product or item is not damaged or used. After getting your order, if you don’t like the product, then you can easily return it and after receiving your order, if the returned order is in good condition, then you can get your full refund back to your account for that returned order. You can also apply for “Exchange Product” on TigerDirect. 

What is TigerDirect’s Return Policy? You can return your non-defective products within 30 days. 

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Is TigerDirect Business Legit?

According to the customer’s reviews and its services, we have mixed opinions on TigerDirect’s services. Obviously, the business is legit, it’s not a part of any scam. But, the customers who have already taken its services have given mixed reviews about TigerDirect.

On Trustpilot, TigerDirect got 1.9 Star Ratings from customers, which shows that most people are dissatisfied with their services.

How To Cancel A TigerDirect Order? 3 Easy Methods- Is TigerDirect Business Legit?

Let’s talk about some of the negative reviews about TigerDirect, that its customers say-

  1. TigerDirect takes a long time to deliver your product
  2. Most of the customers receive wrong products
  3. They did not offer proper customer service support
  4. Sometimes the ads might not be followed through on.
  5. This business does not have great online reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TigerDirect Offer Free Shipping?

No, currently TigerDirect does not offer free shipping to their old or new customers. In fact, on TigerDirect, shipping charges vary from person to person, as they charge for shipping according to the weight of your package. 

How To Track Your Order On TigerDirect?

To track your TigerDirect order, visit this TigerDirect Tracking Order Link, fill out the form, and click on the “Track My Order” button to track your order. 

Can You Cancel Your TigerDirect Order Over Phone?

You can get in contact with their Customer Support Service Team over a phone call on their number 888-278-4437. You can give try to cancel your order by talking directly to their team member on a phone call. 

Is TigerDirect Legit?

Well!! With an overall rating of 3.59 stars based on 460 reviews, it indicates that the majority of customers are happy with their purchases. 

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One of the best places to shop for your computer, and electronic products is TigerDirect. You can get easy returns and refunds from it. However, if you wish to no longer want any order from them, then you can easily cancel your order by getting in touch with TigerDirect Customer Support Service Team. 

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