How To Cancel A Depop Order? Did You Try These Ways?

cancel a depop order

Did you place an order on Depop but no longer require it? You may find it a bit complicated to cancel your order but we are here to help you. We will provide you with steps that you can try to cancel your order. 

Depop is a social e-commerce company and the platform allows you to buy or sell unique fashion to those who desire it. From men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, beauty, and more, there is so much to explore at Depop and you can get it all as per your style.

If you want to cancel your Depop order as a buyer then you will have to contact the seller or file a claim. To cancel an order as a seller, you will have to issue a refund to the customers accordingly. 

How To Cancel A Depop Order?

You will be able to cancel a Depop order as a buyer or as a seller. 

Cancel Depop Order As Buyer

1. To cancel a Depop Order as a buyer, you must know that it isn’t an easy procedure as you won’t be able to make cancellations if the item is already been shipped by the seller. 

2. An effective cancellation mode here is if you contact the seller before they ship your item. You can contact your seller and request them to cancel your order and provide a refund. 

3. However, if the item has already been shipped and you fail to cancel it then you have the option to file a claim. 

4. You can wait for the item to arrive and then Fill Out The Item Not As Described form. The Depop Support team will then connect to you. 

5. If your payments were via PayPal then you can make similar claims with them and they will also help you with it. 

Cancel Depop Order As Seller

1. To cancel your Depop Order as a seller, you will have to provide a refund to the buyers. 

2. For that, you will have to navigate to your Depop seller dashboard and then hit the House icon. 

3. Now select the All Sold Items option and look for the transaction you want to refund. When you find it, tap on Refund. 

4. Choose the type of refund, partial or full, and then tap on Continue and later, Confirm refund. 

Cancel A Depop Order- FAQs

Can I Cancel A Depop Purchase If The Seller Doesn’t Ship It?

If your Seller hasn’t yet shipped the item you purchased then you can request them to cancel your order. However, if you are already waiting for over 7 days then you can visit the Resolution Centre where you can get order tracking information and even request a refund.

Can I Refund A Depop Order? How Do I Refund A Depop Order On PayPal?

Yes, you can refund a Depop order from your Depop seller dashboard by following the steps discussed above. If the buyer made payments via PayPal then you can also easily refund the amount from there. 

Go to Summary in your PayPal account and then choose the transaction to be refunded. Hit the Issue a Refund button on the page and follow the prompts to confirm. 

How Can I Contact Depop Customer Service?

If you need any kind of help from Depop regarding selling or buying items then you can visit the Depop Help Page and get all the answers there. If you face a problem using Depop services or need to claim something then you can go to Submit Request page. 

Wrap Up

Canceling a Depop order might not be that easy but if you are quick enough and know how to request the seller for cancelation then it can be a piece of cake for you. Do go through the steps discussed above to ensure order cancellation at Depop. 

For other queries, the Depop Customer Support department will provide you with the help you require. 

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