How To Cancel Badoo Subscription? Try The Effective Steps!

cancel badoo subscription

Is Badoo not suitable for you? Have you gotten bored of Badoo due to its costly subscription or do you want to quit it because of other free dating apps in the market? Howsoever reasons you might have, We will help you move out of the situation.

Badoo is a free dating app except for some premium features available only after you get a subscription to Badoo. It is a circle of people where they can talk to each other, chat and make friends throughout the world.

To terminate your Badoo Account, Open “” and “sign in” to your Badoo account. Reach out to settings and press “Delete Account”, Type your password and the characters you find behind And press “Delete your Account” 

In this article, We will guide you to the cancelation of your Badoo Account. There are different steps involved in canceling your Badoo Account on different devices. This will seem very easy to you after reading till the end.

How To Cancel Badoo Subscription?

As we already mentioned above that there are different ways of canceling a Badoo account. So what these other methods are? In the next few lines, you will be shown how your Badoo Account can be deleted on Android, iPhone, and desktop.

How To Cancel Badoo Premium On iPhone?

If you have installed Badoo on your iPhone and thinking of avoiding automatic deductions through the payment process associated with your Apple account, see and oblige to the following points:

1. Open your Badoo app on your iPhone and go to the “settings”.

2. Now, you need to press the icon having your name and select “Subscriptions”.

3. After following the above step, press the subscription you need to cancel. In the present case, it’s “Badoo Premium”.

4. In the end, Press ”Cancel Subscription”.

That’s all you need to do to cancel Badoo.

How To Cancel Badoo Premium On Android?

Keep the following points in mind for canceling Badoo Premium on Android devices:

1. First, you need to open Badoo app on your Android device and “Sign in” to your Badoo account.

2. In this step, press on the “Profile Icon” visible on the top of your device and press the “Settings” icon.

3. Then, you need to tap the “Account preferences” icon on your device.

4. Now, an icon with “Payment Settings” will be visible on your device. Press it.

5. Under the payment method icon, you need to press the “Delete” icon.

How to Cancel Badoo Premium On Desktop?

If you have understood Canceling Badoo Premium on iPhone and Android, it is not difficult to learn canceling Badoo Premium on a Desktop either. Here we go:

1. You will have to open your preferred browser on your desktop and “Sign in” to your Badoo account.

2. On the Badoo interface, you will find the “settings” icon. Press it.

3. After pressing “settings”, a “Profile” icon will be visible to you on your screen. Press it.

4. Now, all you have to do is Press on the “Payment Settings” icon. Then, under the Badoo Premium option, press “Cancel” subscription.

It is how we cancel Badoo Membership on the Desktop.


What happens when you cancel your Badoo Premium Membership?

You can keep using premium services until the end of the paid membership. Then, your account will switch back to the basic version of the app.

Is Badoo App Free To Install?

Yes, you can install it without any charges from the Android app store, apple app store, and Microsoft app store.

Wrapping Up

We expect that you have comprehended this article, “How to Cancel Badoo”.But, in case you haven’t understood anything related to it, feel free to reach out to us via the comment section. And if you’ve understood, then you can share it with your friends.

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