How To Cancel Holland And Barrett Order? Easy Cancelation Methods!!

How To Cancel Holland And Barrett Order?

Well!! You must be taking care of your health with Holland and Barrett Organic Food Products. Right? But, it seems like you are now confused about cancel Holland and Barrett orders if you accidentally placed the wrong order. If that’s so, then here in this article, you will get to know about Holland and Barrett Cancelation Policy. 

A health food retailer based in the UK named Holland and Barrett focuses on vitamins, supplements, and natural cures. The product line from Holland and Barrett includes organic foods, supplements, sports nutrition, natural beauty products, and vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Additionally, they provide a selection of vegan and vegetarian products in addition to a wide range of items that meet particular dietary requirements.

You can cancel Holland and Barrett orders online by login into your Account with Holland and Barrett login information from its website or you can also contact their team directly over the phone to know about the cancelation procedure. 

Read the entire article to get to know about how you can cancel your Holland and Barrett Click and Collect Order. 

How To Cancel Holland And Barrett Order Online?

Popular health food and supplement retailer Holland and Barrett offers a wide selection of products online. You can easily cancel an order you’ve placed with Holland and Barrett online by following a few easy steps if you need to for any reason.

Step 1: Log In To Your Holland And Barrett Account

You must sign into your account on the Holland and Barrett website in order to cancel an order.

Step 2: Go To My Orders

After logging in, go to the homepage and select the “My Account” link in the top right corner. You can view your most recent orders on your account dashboard by doing this. To view all of your recent and past orders, click “My Orders.”

Step 3: Select The Order You Want To Cancel

To view the order details, locate the order you wish to cancel and click on it. You can see a list of the items in the order, the cost, and the specifics of delivery here.

Step 4: Click On Cancel Order

A “Cancel Order” button or link will appear if your order can be canceled. To begin the cancellation process, click on it.

Step 5: Select A Reson For Cancelation

After clicking “Cancel Order,” you will be prompted to give a justification for the cancellation. Although providing this information is optional, doing so could help Holland and Barrett in the future improve both their services and goods.

Step 6: Confirm Cancelation

You must confirm that you want to cancel the order after choosing a reason for cancellation. To formally cancel an order, click the “Cancel Order” button. Once the order has been successfully canceled, Holland and Barrett will send you a confirmation email.

How To Cancel Holland And Barrett Order Via Customer Support?

You can also cancel your Holland and Barrett Order by contacting their customer service team over the phone call and asking them to cancel your order. Follow these steps to cancel your order over the phone. 

Step 1: Locate The Customer Service Phone Number

On the Holland and Barrett Website, you will get the phone number for customer service. Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the homepage. This will direct you to a page with Holland and Barrett’s contact information, including their phone number.

Step 2: Call The Customer Service Phone Number

Dial 011 44 1283 560011. Connect with Holland and Barrett Service team over the phone call. Ensure that you are prepared to provide the customer service representative with your order number and any other pertinent information.

Step 3: Request Cancelation

Tell a customer service agent you want to cancel your order as soon as you are connected with one of them. To hasten the process, give them your order number and any other pertinent details.

Step 4: Follow Any Additional Instructions

You might receive additional instructions on how to complete the cancellation process from the customer service representative. If you want to successfully cancel your order, carefully follow these instructions.

Step 5: Receive Confirmation

You should receive a confirmation email or message from Holland and Barrett after you cancel your order over the phone. This will demonstrate that your order cancellation was successful.

How To Cancel Holland And Barrett Click And Collect Order?

Holland and Barrett also give you the option of a “Click and Collect” order in which you can order the item online, but you need to pick it up on your own from their store. 

If you don’t want your Click and Collect Order from Holland and Barrett, then you need to “Contact The Store” member and ask them to cancel your order. The store’s contact information can be found in the email you received upon placing your order. Alternatively, you can use the “Find a Store” link on the homepage of Holland and Barrett’s website to look up the contact information by entering the store’s address.

If you do not want your Click and Collect Order, then the best you can do is to not collect your order from the store within 14 days. After 14 days, if you don’t come to pick up your order, the order will automatically be canceled by Holland and Barrett team and you will be informed about it from your email. 

How To Return Holland And Barrett Order?

According to Holland and Barrett Return Policy, you can return your order or products for free within 30 days

You can take the following actions to return an order to Holland and Barrett:

  1. Check out the returns policy at Holland and Barrett: It’s crucial to confirm your eligibility for a return and to familiarise yourself with the company’s return policies before returning your order. On their website or by contacting their customer service department, you can find this information.
  1. Package Your Order: Repackage the items you want to return in their original packaging or a suitable substitute before shipping your order. Include any paperwork or other supporting materials that came with the order.
  1. Print A Return Label: You can print a returns label from the majority of online retailers, including Holland and Barrett, and affix it to your package. This label will include the return address as well as possibly a tracking number.
  1. Deliver the package: Bring the package to a shipping company, like the post office, and have it delivered to the address listed on the returns label. As proof of delivery, be sure to save your tracking number and any receipts.
  1. Wait For Confirmation And A Refund: Once Holland and Barrett receive your returned items, they usually send you a confirmation email. After that, they will handle your refund in accordance with their return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will My Refund Take?

Refunds usually take 5 working days to get back to you in your preferred payment mode whether in the case of a Click and Collect Order or Delivery Order. 

What To Do If Your Holland And Barrett Order Not Delivered?

If the order is not delivered to you within your preferred required time, then you need to contact Holland And Barrett Customer Service Team and ask them about your order delay issue. They will then guide you further. 


We hope that now you must understand the procedure for canceling your Holland and Barrett Order. The specific cancellation policy and procedure may differ depending on the Holland and Barrett product or service you ordered, so be sure to check the company’s website or get in touch with their customer service team for more information. Also Know, how to cancel TruGreen.

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