How To Cancel TruGreen? 3 Effective Ways To Cancel Service!

how to cancel TruGreen?

If you love to keep your lawn lush green then you must have purchased a TruGreen subscription to maintain its beauty. But are you now done with your plans or are not satisfied with the services provided by them? Whatever your reason is, if you are planning to terminate the services then we can help you cancel TruGreen. 

TruGreen is a lawn care company that provides you with different subscription plans and you can choose any of them to maintain your lawn health. You also receive the benefits of fertilization, seeding, weed control, and much more with TruGreen. 

You can easily cancel your TruGreen subscription by dialing their Customer Service number and speaking to a representative or by sending them an email for the same. You can also send them a message request for your subscription cancellation by filling out a request form

How Much Does TruGreen Cost?

A TruGreen subscription is purchased to maintain lawns and home gardens. TruGreen provides several subscription plans for you to choose from. 

Subscription PlanCharges

The TruMaintence subscription plan can be purchased for $640 and you get a soil test, fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and targeted herbicide application. The TruHealth subscription plan is available for $730 and you get a soil test, fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, targeted herbicide application, and grub control. The TruComplete subscription costs $1,100 and you get a soil test, fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, targeted herbicide application, grub control, seeding, and aeration. 

The TruSignature subscription will charge you $1,350 and you get the benefits of a soil test, fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, targeted herbicide application, grub control, seeding, and aeration, with tree care and shrub care. A TruNatural subscription can be purchased for $1,000 and you receive a soil test, fertilization, and all-natural products. 

How Do I Cancel TruGreen?

You can easily cancel your subscription to TruGreen by dialing their support number or sending them an email. A cancellation request can also be sent online as a message. 

Cancel TruGreen By Phone Call

1. The users can end their subscription plan by contacting the Customer Support department on their phone number. 

2. Dial their help number at 1-844-768-1020 or 800-464-0171 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

3. Request that you wish to cancel your TruGreen subscription and provide them with the required personal and subscription details. 

4. Do ask for a subscription cancellation message when they are done with the procedure. 

Cancel TruGreen Via Email

1. You can also send an email to TruGreens regarding your subscription cancellation. 

2. Open the default email application on your device and compose an email. 

3. In the Subject box, add Cancel TruGreen Subscription

4. Then provide details of your request and also give your membership and personal information that they may require for your subscription cancellation. 

5. When you are satisfied with the email, send it to [email protected]

Cancel TruGreen Via Online Message

1. Visit the TruGreen Customer Support page for your membership cancellation. 

2. Provide your name, email address, and other required details on the form. 

3. Select the Category of your request from the options available in the box and then choose the Subscribe/Unsubscribe option in the Sub-Category box.

4. Write down the details of your query in the Notes box below and when you are done, hit the Submit button.  

They will get back to you regarding your request and you must follow the steps as prompted by them for your subscription cancellation. 

Cancel TruGreen- FAQs

How Do I Find My TruGreen Account Number?

If you no longer have access to your TruGreen account number then you can go through the emails, billing statements, or service tickets received from them. You can also try contacting their Customer Service department for more help. 

How Can I Contact TruGreen Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your TruGreen subscription or services provided by them then you can dial their help number  1-844-768-1020 and speak to a representative regarding your query. You can also send an email to [email protected] and write down your queries or related concerns and they will get back to you accordingly. Another way to get in touch with their Service department is by filling out an online form where you send your request as a message. Visit their Support page for the same. 

Wrap Up

TruGreen will do services both for you and your lawn so that it maintains its beauty. You can get a subscription plan for the services and if you already have one and are actually planning to end it then you can follow the subscription cancellation steps discussed above and go through the required details. You can also send your other queries or contact their Customer Service department for your related queries.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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