How To Cancel Firstleaf Subscription? 2 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Firstleaf Subscription?

If you don’t feel any usage of your current subscription plan, then it’s best to cancel your subscription to prevent needless money wastage. Right? If you enjoy drinking wine, then Firstleaf Subscription is for you. Yeah! Do not be concerned about its cancelation policy, in this article we’ll be helping you with that.

Firstleaf is an America Online Wine Company that is awarded number 1 in terms of wine subscription. They made their own wines and the overall quality and taste of their wines are good that not any other company could ever take their place for serving good-quality wines. If you are thinking of leaving alcohol, then you must surely be finding ways to cancel your Firstleaf subscription. Here in this article, you will get to know everything regarding Fisrtleaf cancelation.

You can cancel Firstleaf Subscription online from their Firstleaf Website by signing up for your Account or you can do so by contacting directly their Customer Support Service Team over a phone call and asking for their help in cancelation. 

Firstleaf Subscription

You can take your Firstleaf Subscription at the rate of $90 per month from Firstleaf Website by taking the Fisrtleaf quiz, in which they will analyze your taste in wine and will serve you according to your liking preferences. Every month you will get 6 bottles from them either red wine or white wine until you cancel your subscription. Its subscription plan works on auto-renewal i.e every month plan renews itself.

If you are not a subscriber, then it does not mean that you can not get Firstleaft Wine. You can also place your wine orders from your account or from Firstleaf customer service. You can get up to 60% off on your wine bottles in its subscription offers. 

Can You Cancel Your Firstleaf Subscription At Any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Firstleaf subscription at any time before your next auto-renewal plan otherwise you will get charged for your next billing cycle. 

How To Cancel Firstleaf Subscription Online?

The first way to cancel your Firstleaf subscription is online from their website. If you have purchased its subscription online, then the best way to cancel its subscription is also online as you are familiar with its website, so you will not face any difficulty to cancel it online. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Firstleaf subscription online.

How To Cancel Firstleaf Subscription Over The Phone?

You can also cancel your Firstleaf subscription by getting in contact with their customer support service team by calling on their number and asking them to cancel your subscription for you. You just need to make a call at 1-800-461-7203. One of their team members will get in touch with you on a call. Ask them to cancel your subscription by providing them with your membership details and your personal basic information along with your contact details. 

They will then ask the reason for canceling your subscription. Provide them with a valid cancelation reason. They will then further start your processing of cancelation. Lastly, an email confirmation will be sent to you to notify you that your subscription is canceled now. 

What Is Firstleaf Refund Policy?

You will get a free replacement policy on Firstleaf. If you are dissatisfied with any of their product or wine, then you can email your query to [email protected] within 30 days of delivery they will replace your product or will refund you your money, if applicable on your product. 

If accidentally you got a broken bottle, then, in that case, you can also ask for a refund. But, if the bottle gets broken by you, then you can again send them an email, and they will try their best to solve this issue by replacing your bottle.

No refunds or credit will be given after an order has been delivered, with the exception of the satisfaction guarantee.

How Do I Pause My Firstleaft Cancel Membership?

Follow these steps to pause your Firstleaf Subscription.

  • Log in to your Firstleaf Online Account
  • Navigate to your Club Orders from the top of the screen
  • The day that your subsequent order will ship is visible.
  • To alter the frequency, click the date.
  • Choose a frequency from 2 to 12 weeks.
  • The word “Saved!” will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cancel Your Firstleaf Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Firstleaf order before its shipment. If for any reason, your order is canceled by Firstleaf, then you will get your refund within 5-7 days. 


Your satisfaction is very important for Firstleaf. They will try their best to satisfy your wine needs and will soon come up with their new subscription plans. Being, one of the largest names in the market, it’s a loss for them if they lose their subscribers and customers. Be careful, when you ask them to cancel your subscription, they will try their best to convince you to not cancel it, but you just need to ignore them and confirm that you want cancelation. You can also Cancel the Virgin Wines Subscription.

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