How To Cancel CenturyLink Service With 3 Simple Ways?

How To Cancel CenturyLink Service?

The best thing you can do for your budget might be to cancel your CenturyLink Internet Service. You will have more freedom in the future to select an option that is more compatible with your lifestyle, has a better contract, and is also less expensive. Here in this article, you will be guided on how to cancel CenturyLink Service. 

CenturyLink is a well-known company for its Internet Offerings. They had 4.68 million or more broadband subscribers in 2019. Till 2019, it was considered to provide the best Internet Service provider company but recently numerous complaints about slow internet, poor writing, and router issues have been made. As a result, many people end up canceling their service with CenturyLink. If you also want the same, then here you can put an end to your service. 

The best way to cancel your CenturyLink Service is by contacting their Customer Service Support Team via Call or Chat and asking them to cancel. However, some people also have the option to cancel their service online from the CenturyLink Website. 

Get to know about this online concept in full detail and the contact details of CenturyLink Support Team, Read the entire article up to its conclusion. 

Can You Cancel Your CenturyLink Service?

Yes, you can cancel your CenturyLink Service at any time. Before canceling your service, you just need to pay all of your outstanding dues or balances. 

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How To Cancel CenturyLink Service Online?

Well!! Canceling CenturyLink Service online is a luck-based factor. For some users, the cancelation option is available online while some people can’t see the Cancel option on their online account. To cancel CenturyLink Service online, you need to follow the steps- Visit CenturyLink Website > Log in to your Account> Go to the bottom of the page> Click on the “Cancel Service” option (is it is available on your account)

Somehow, some people complain that the “Cancel Service” button is not available on their account and they won’t be able to cancel their CenturyLink Service online. The reason that you can not get the “Cancelation” option online is that you are not eligible for canceling your service online according to their terms and conditions. 

Don’t Worry!! If you are not able to cancel your service online, then we have another option for you to cancel your CenturyLink Service. You can cancel your CenturyLink Service by getting in contact with their Customer Support Team. 

How To Cancel CenturyLink Service Over The Phone?

Don’t lose hope, if you are not eligible for canceling your CenturyLink Service online, you have the other option to cancel your service by getting the help of their Customer Support Service Team and asking them to help in canceling your service. You can make a call to their Support Team and follow the explained below steps.

  • Call the Customer Service Number: Dial 800-244-111 and connect with one of their team members over a phone call.
  • Talk To The Customer Service Member: Ask their team member to cancel your CenturyLink Service by providing them with your account information and your basic personal details. 
  • Return Your Modem: Before canceling your service, you need to return your modem, router, or cable box to them within 30 days.
  • Pay The Outstanding Balances: If you have any remaining dues left, then try to pay all of your dues before canceling your service
  • Claim Your Deposit: At the start of the initial day of your service, you will need to ask for some kind of deposit and after canceling it your deposited money will be refunded to you. 
  • Confirm Cancelation: Finally, after all these steps, confirm your CenturyLink Cancelation.

How To Cancel CenturyLink Via Live Chat?

You can also get in touch with their Customer Support Service Team via the Live Chat feature. Click on the “Let’s Chat” button to start chatting with their team member. Their chatting services are available 24/7, 7 days a week. Connect with their team member on chatting and ask them to cancel your CenturyLink Service for you or guide you to do so. 

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How To Pause CenturyLink Service?

If you go on a vacation for some days, or for any reason, you won’t be able to use your CenturyLink Service, then instead of canceling, put your service on hold (Vacation Service) for the required amount of time. Make a call to their Support Team at 1-877-373-1148 and ask them to pause your service for a particular period of time. 

The process will be run by the representative as follows:

  • The agent will first confirm that you live in a location where CenturyLink Vacation service is offered.
  • Second, they’ll make sure there is no balance left in your account because that is a requirement for the seasonal hold.
  • They’ll then ask you to confirm the start and end dates of your vacation, during which your CenturyLink connection will be suspended.
  • Your billing address will then be confirmed.
  • The agent will then produce a work order to pause your services on the dates you’ve specified. Then, it’s done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CenturyLink Charge A Cancelation Fee?

CenturyLink Works on Non-Contract System means you are allowed to cancel its service at any time without having to pay any cancelation or termination fee. 

How To Cancel Century Link Landline?

As there is no way for some people to cancel their service online, so make a call on their landline number which is 800-244-111 to get in contact with their Customer Support Service Team. 

Can I Get A Refund For Canceling CenturyLink Service?

If you cancel your CenturyLink Service within 30 days of the new service, then you will be refunded your full money for the purchased modem. Refunds will take up to 1-2 weeks to process and get back to your account. 


Well!! Regarding customer satisfaction and vacation service, CenturyLink excels above its rivals. Now, we hope that with the help of this article, those online users who are not able to cancel their CenturyLink Service online will now be able to do so by getting in touch with their Customer Support Team via call or chat. 

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