How To Cancel Green Dot Card? Follow The Easy Way!

Cancel Green Dot Card

If you already have a Green Dot Card for a better shopping experience but now you wish to cancel it then we can surely help you with that. If you no longer want to continue using your Green Dot Card then you can of course cancel it or even close your Green Dot account. 

Green Dot is a corporation that issues prepaid MasterCards and Visa cards in the States. These pre-paid debit cards can be used for purchases, making payments, and even withdrawing cash. You can pay your bills or buy any of your stuff online with these cards. 

If you don’t want to continue then you can cancel your Green Dot Card by visiting the official website of Green Dot and if you wish to close your Green Dot account then it is possible by sending an email to their support team

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How Does Green Dot Card Work?

Green Dot is known as one of the largest prepaid debit cards provider in the States. These cards do not require an existing bank account and have functions similar to that of Debit Cards. You can purchase products online, pay all your bills, withdraw your money from ATMs, and more.

The mobile application of Green Dot will allow you some privileges that you also receive from regular bank cards like money transfers, direct deposits, tap-and-go payments, mobile wallets, etc. 

With A Green Dot Card, your spending limit gets capped with the amount you had already loaded into it. When that particular amount is spent, you cannot make any further purchases unless you add more amount. There are also some fees associated with the Green Dot Card.

You might be required to spend about $1.95 for the card purchase, If you do not load about $1,000 a month, you might have to pay $7.95 as a monthly usage fee. This monthly fee can be avoided if you load $1,000 a month on your card.  A $3 fee for every ATM withdrawal can also be a problem for some. There are several other fees like this.

How Can You Cancel Your Green Dot Card?

If you have made up your mind that you no longer need your Green Dot Card then you can easily cancel it. But before that, you must make sure that all your card balance is emptied out. If not, you can withdraw the amount from the ATM or do online shopping or even pay your bills but you must use all that amount. 

Cancel Green Dot Card Through Website

1. From your default web browser, go to the official website of Green Dot

2. Provide your credentials to log in to your account and then Navigate to the Green Dot portal

3. At the bottom of your homepage, go to the Security tab

4. Search the page till you finally find the Close Card option. 

5. After providing the reason for cancellation, you can now click the Cancel Card button. 

Cancel Green Dot Card On Phone

You can also cancel your Green Dot card or close your account on your phone through the application. 

1. Open the Green Dot app on your device and log in to your account.

2. Go to Settings on the app.

3. Move to the Manage Card option and then Close Your Account

4. Confirm the procedure and you are done.

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How To Close A Green Dot Account?

If you wish to delete or close your Green Dot account permanently then it can be possible by-

1. Open the default email application on your device and compose an email

2. In the Subject box of your email, add Request To Delete My Account

3. Add the required personal and account details they might require for your account cancellation procedure. 

4. Provide your contact information and the reason for your account cancellation

5. Send the email to [email protected]

6. Also remember to ask them for account closing confirmation

How Do I Get My Money Back From Green Dot?

To get your money back from Green Dot, Money Pak allows you to request a refund through a form. If you need to get your money back then you can fill out a refund request form.

After your refund request is submitted to them, you may wait up to 7-14 days to get the amount. Green Dot will mail your refund check within this time and you might also be required to provide some additional identification proof or purchase evidence to process this request. 

To get your money back from Green Dot if you sent it to the wrong account, you can go to your Transaction History from the website and then click on Cancel. Confirm the step and get your money back. If you are using the application, you can easily cancel your transaction by

1. Open the Green Dot app on your device. 

2. Navigate to the Pay tab

3. Click on the Send Money option and then hit the Past Payments button.

4. You will now see the list of your transactions and you can select the one you wish to cancel. Remember that the transactions already claimed by the recipient will not be refunded. 

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Terminate Your Green Dot Card- FAQs

Green Dot Blocked My Account With Money In It. How To Unblock Your Green Dot Card?

If Green Dot blocked your card and you still had money in it then you can always unblock your card. For that, you will be required to submit your ID for verification on this page. You must wait for around two days so that they review your ID and get back in touch with you for further updates. 

What Can I Do If My Green Dot Account Is Closed? How Do I Know If My Green Dot Account Is Closed?

If your Green Dot account is closed then you can reopen or reactivate your card with the same card information. You can also contact Green Dot Customer Support to get more information about the same. If your Green Dot account is closed, you won’t be able to access it from the application and thus, you will know that it is closed.  

How Much Is Green Dot Inactivity Fee? How Do I Avoid Green Dot Monthly Fee?

The users will be charged with an inactivity fee of $1.95/month if there is no activity like spend, load, or other charges from your account for about 12 consecutive months. If you wish to avoid Green Dot Monthly fee then you must know that the monthly fee of $7.95 is waived for you if your account has a direct deposit of $500 or more in the prior month.

How Can I Contact Green Dot Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your Green Dot account or card then you can talk to their representatives by dialing their Customer Support Number (866) 795-7597. You can also log in to your account to chat with a specialist. The users can also interact with them at

How Do I Cancel My Green Dot Secured Credit Card?

If you wish to cancel your Green Dot Secured Credit Card or the Platinum Visa then you will have to contact the representatives by dialing  1-866-291-0818. Your security deposit will also get refunded if you pay your balance in full before canceling your card. 

Wrap Up

Green Dot card can prove to be a great help to pay your dues or shop online but if you are facing problems because of it then it is always safe to cancel your card.

Follow the steps discussed above to cancel your Green Dot Card and close your Green Dot Account. If the problem still persists then you can contact Customer Service and they will surely help you in every way possible. 

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