How To Cancel Savage x Fenty Membership? Cancel Xtra VIP Membership!

Cancel Savage x Fenty Membership

If you have made the best out of the Savage x Fenty offers that you got with the membership and already have all the lingerie and sportswear that you wanted. It is better that you cancel your Savage x Fenty membership so that your money doesn’t go wasted on something you are not using.

The Savage x Fenty collection has been introduced by Rihanna, the famous personality, whose name is enough to make celebrities long for her collection, which has been the reason many people got the membership to buy the products regularly with the best offers. But, if you are done spending your money on these items, it is time to opt-out of its subscription.

To cancel your Savage X Fenty membership, you can either make a direct phone call to the Savage X Fenty customer service and ask the representative to cancel your membership. Alternatively, you can also ask for cancelation in the live chat in your account or compose an email with the cancelation request. 

To know more about the Savage X Fenty membership and all possible ways to get it canceled, you will need to keep reading this article. 

Is The Savage Fenty Membership Worth It?

See, the products you will find on Savage X Fenty are great in terms of looks as well as quality, so, having a Savage X Fenty membership will cause you no harm. However, the membership cost is a considerable amount, thus, it will suit you only for the month when you are going to purchase items in bulk from Savage X Fenty. 

If you have just taken up the membership and are not purchasing anything from Savage X Fenty, then you are just wasting your money for nothing. 

Can I Cancel My Savage X Fenty Membership Anytime?

Of course, the users with a Savage X Fenty membership can request to opt-out of its services whenever they want after which they will not have to pay any amount for the subscription, however, you are required to follow the right procedure for this so that your cancelation request gets approved. 

How To Cancel Savage X Fenty Membership?

As of now, there are three possible methods by which you can cancel your Savage X Fenty membership easily. We have explained each of these methods below so that you can opt for the one that you find most suitable for your convenience. 

Cancel Savage X Fenty Membership Online Using The Live Chat Option

You can chat with the customer support of Savage X Fenty in their live chat to request the cancelation of your membership, here are the simple steps that you are required to follow. 

1. Head to Savage X Fenty and log in to your respective account. 

2. On the homepage of your account, navigate to the live chat feature which is available there. 

3. You will soon be connected to a customer representative, and chat with them normally.

4. You can mention there that you do not want your current membership anymore. 

5. You will subsequently be guided to complete the cancelation process via the live chat. 

Cancel Savage X Fenty Membership By Contacting Customer Service

Since the customer service of Savage X Fenty is available all the time to all its users, you will easily be able to get your membership to Savage X Fenty canceled easily. 

All you have to do is call the Savage X Fenty customer service representatives and then tell them that you no longer need your ongoing subscription to the Savage X Fenty membership. The official Savage X Fenty customer service number is 1-855-728-2439.

You might be asked to describe the reason for this cancelation and provide them with a valid explanation and they will approve your request to get your membership canceled and follow up with the procedure. 

Cancel Your Savage X Fenty Membership By Sending An Email Request

If you are one of those people who neither prefer to call nor chat with customer representatives, then here is the best option for you, emailing. 

Yes, you can compose a proper email in which you need to mention your request for cancelation of membership to Savage X Fenty, along with the reason and your account details. 

Make sure that you send the email via the same email address that you have linked to your respective Savage X Fenty account so that your request doesn’t go rejected. 

Is There Any Free Trial For Savage X Fenty?

No, there is no such thing as a free trial to Savage X Fenty because that is a membership to have access to exclusive limited editions and great discounts, so there is no sense in providing a free trial for that. 

However, the users who sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime get free access to the Savage X Fenty Vol 4 Runway show. That is the only free trial related to Savage X Fenty you will find. 

Can I Cancel My Savage X Fenty Extra VIP Membership?

Those who are extra VIP members of Savage X Fenty can easily cancel their membership as a VIP whenever they want. Not just this, they are also allowed to skip any month between the first fifth months and this will save them $49.95 which is a monthly charge. 

This can be done by choosing the “Skip The Month” option. As for complete cancelation, the methods are the same as the normal membership plan. 

How To Cancel Savage X Fenty Order?

Unfortunately, cancellation and replacement policies are not available on Savage X Fenty, thus, once you have purchased an item from this brand, there is no way you can cancel it or get it changed. 

Wrap Up

That was all about the Savage X Fenty membership and what ways are available for canceling its subscription. Make sure that you cancel your membership in time so that you are not charged for the upcoming month. If there is any other service or membership that you no longer want, let us know in the comments so that we can explain how to get rid of it. 

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