How To Cancel YouMail Account & Subscription In Easy Steps?

How To Cancel YouMail

Are you fed up with the daily harmful and fraudulent phone calls? To overcome this problem, most people start using YouMail for this and give a positive review. So, you can also try its service at least once, and no worries about its result because you can also cancel YouMail Subscription with some easy methods. 

Almost everyone has had the experience of such fraudulent phone calls once in their lifetime and that can be ignored actually. But, if you are a working professional and get frequent phone calls, then that should not be ignored because it can affect your data security. That’s why, YouMail should be used by everyone. Let’s explore something more about YouMail in this article along with its cancellation policy. 

You can cancel or even deactivate your YouMail Account by logging into your account from YouMail Website and following the steps to close or deactivate your account. Detailed Steps will be explained later in this article. 

What Is YouMail And Its Subscription Cost?

YouMail is basically a blocking service used by US and UK residents. It protects you from Spam voice calls with a call-blocking feature. Its Robocall features save you from all types of malicious attacks occurred via phone calls with their AI technology. YouMail really proves itself a blessing for business professionals and even for common people. 

If you wanna try YouMaill first, then you can use its basic or free plan first and if you like the services, then go for its paid subscription plan. Take a look at this table for a clear understanding of YouMail Subscription Plans. 

Essentials PlanComplete Plan Ultimate Plan
$11.99 per month$19.99 per month&27.99 per month

YouMail Free Plan can also include so many features, if you are someone who is not getting that many spam phone calls but getting rid of them, then we suggest you go for its free plan because even its free plan features will help you in this. 

But, if you are someone, who frequently gets these spam calls and doesn’t have enough time to manage them, then take YouMail Paid Subscription for extra benefits and more security features like- Answer calls with an auto attendant, Premium phone services for your cell, Call screening, block all spams, and many more. 

How To Cancel YouMail Account & Return To My Carrier’s Voicemail?

The first method to cancel or close your YouMail Account is by canceling it from your Account. Follow these steps to complete the cancelation steps-

  1. Go to YouMail Website and log in to your YouMail Account
  1. Tap on your name from the top corner and then select Profile
  1. Scroll down and select the Close Account option
  1. You will then follow the instructions to deactivate your YouMail Service. After these, steps your YouMail will be completely removed from your device.
  1. Finally, choose the last option “Completely delete my account” and your account will be deleted permanently. 
  1. You can also select the “Keep your voicemails” option. With this, you can save your voicemails, before closing the account. 

How To Get Rid Of YouMail On My Android? Deactivate Using The Android App?

Is Deactivation the same as cancelation? Many people are still confused about this. Let us clear this up now. Cancelation and deactivation are different things. Yes, when you cancel your YouMail Account, your account is deleted permanently. But, if you deactivate your account, then your account is open but deactivation stops your phone to forward your unanswered calls to YouMail. 

Follow these steps to deactivate your YouMail Account by using an Android app. 

  1. Open the YouMail App from your Android device and click on the three horizontal lines icon to open the Menu. 
  1. Go to Settings and select Activate/Deactivate
  1. Click Return to Carrier Voicemail
  1. Choose Deactivate and follow some more steps to complete the process

How To Deactivate YouMail Account Using The iPhone App?

Follow these steps to deactivate your YouMail Account using the iPhone app. 

  1. Open the YouMail App from your iPhone and go to Settings from the bottom of the screen
  1. Scroll down and navigate to the Activation option
  1. Click Return to Carrier Voicemail. 
  1. Follow the instructions to complete the deactivation process. 

How To Cancel YouMail Subscription?

If you only want to cancel your YouMail Subscription and do not want to close your account, then you need to follow these basic steps for that. Remember, that after canceling your paid subscription, your YouMail account is downgraded to its free version. 

Steps to cancel YouMail Subscription- 

  1. Log in to your YouMail Account
  1. Click on your name from the top of the screen and then tap on Billing
  1. Open Your Subscriptions and under that section, Select Change Plan and then tap on the Cancel Plan option. 

You can cancel your YouMail Subscription from Google Play or Via Apple (from which you purchased the subscription). For this, you can check out this guide on canceling subscriptions from Apple & cancel Subscriptions to Google One. 

How To Cancel YouMail Order?

If you are confused about the order, that you placed from YouMail App. Then, you can also cancel the order before it is delivered to you by following these steps-

  1. Open your YouMail App and go to the orders section
  1. Tap on Cancel this order and after that, hit the Continue button from the pop-up menu and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From YouMail?

All the canceled YouMail Subscriptions are non-refundable. You will not even get back prorated refund from them. Once you will be charged, there is no way to get back your money after canceling the subscription. 

In case of order cancelation, if you cancel a YouMail order within the first 14 days, then you will get a full refund for that canceled order. 

How To Contact YouMail Customer Service?

You can contact their team by sending an email to [email protected] along with your Contact Information and Full Name. You can also make a call on YouMail Phone number at (800) 374-0013. Both email and phone number are in a working state and you will get a reply from their team soon. 

You must visit YouMail Contact Page for more information. The YouMail Help Center page also contains information. 


We hope that you must be impressed with the services of YouMail as it actually works for spam phone calls and ensures the safety of their users from any external harm. But, if for any reason, you wanna cancel your YouMail Account and shift to another one, then follow these simple steps to cancel or deactivate the YouMail Account or Subscription. Also Know, how to cancel ProtonMail Subscription.

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