How to Cancel ProtonMail And Delete Your Proton Account?

Cancel ProtonMail

It seems like your technical privacy should always be your first priority because of which you subscribed to ProtonMail. But, now it feels to you that even its End-to-End encryption and other privacy features are not enough for you, and you want to cancel ProtonMail Account. 

If you work in any kind of detective or cyber-security firm, then privacy and security will concern you. To make your emails secure and encrypted, you can take the ProtonMail Subscription. It is the most popular Email Encrypted service, which decodes your email so that only the sender and the receiver can read it.

You can cancel your ProtonMail Plan or Account online by logging into the ProtonMail Account and following the steps for canceling your Proton Subscription Plan and converting it to the Proton Free Plan. Its Account deletion steps are different and explained later in this article. 

How To Cancel ProtonMail Subscription Plan?

Follow these steps to cancel or downgrade your Proton Plan easily. 

  • Then, tap on Settings> Go To Settings> Dashboard> Your Plan
  • Select Explore Other Proton Plans 
  • Then, choose the preferred option:
  1. For Individual or Business
  2. Subscription Duration: 1 month, 12 months, or 24 months
  3. Currency
  • Choose the plan you wanna cancel or downgrade and tap on the “Select” button
  • If you wanna downgrade your plan: Select the Subscription period, payment method, and payment details 
  • Downgrade– Check the Plan Summary> tap on Pay> Complete the downgrade process
  • If you wanna cancel your plan: You need to head to Settings> Dashboard> Free Plan> Confirm your choice immediately> 
  • Your Proton Plan subscription will be canceled and your plan will return to its free version.  

How To Delete ProtonMail Account Online With A Password?

Before deleting your ProtonMail Account, one thing that you should keep in your mind is that your Account will be deleted permanently and you will lose access to all of your data, Proton Apps, VPN, and even lose your domain too. In short, once the account is deleted you can’t be able to recover it.  

Here are the steps you need to follow to delete your ProtonMail Account permanently with a password. 

  • Login to your ProtonMail Account and then follow these steps.
  • Navigate to the Settings Page> Go to Settings> Account> Account and Password> Delete Account> Tap on the Delete Account button
  • Provide a justified reason for deleting the account> Confirm your ProtonMail Account username and password as a part of security authentication
  • Enter the Two-Factor Authentication code (if you have applied)
  • Confirm your account deletion by tapping on the Delete button. 

How To Delete ProtonMail Account Without Password?

What if you forgot your ProtonMail Account Password and you don’t even have the option to forget the Password and reset it again? Don’t worry!! In that case, you can delete your ProtonMail Account by getting in touch with their customer support service team and asking for their help. After verifying your identity, they can recognize you and help you reset your password. So, you can easily go with your account deletion steps. 

How To Contact ProtonMail Customer Service Team?

Here are some easiest and most effective ways to contact the ProtonMail Support team and ask for their help in account deletion, cancelation, or any kinda issue. 

  • You can contact their team by filling out their Online Support Form. Fill out the form and send it to their team.
  • You can visit their one more contact page for more information. Here you will get different contact details for different categories or queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A ProtonMail Refund?

Yes, ProtonMail does offer refunds but only for those users who have subscribed to ProtonMail from the website or Apps. You can get your full refund if you cancel your ProtonMail Subscription within the initial 30 days of purchasing it

Prorated refunds for the unused period of subscription time should also be offered. To make a refund request, contact their team via Support Online Form. Your refund can take up to 30 days to get back into your account. 

Can You Change Your ProtonMail Domain?

No, you cannot. Once a ProtonMail Account is created, its domain cannot be changed. However, you can have multiple domains whenever you upgrade your Proton Plan. 


Well!! If you want a stronger security system than ProtonMail, you can go through some other security companies in the market and cancel your ProtonMail Account at any time. Hope that with this article, you can now be able to cancel and delete ProtonMail Service on your own. For more assistance, contact their Customer Support Team. 

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