How To Cancel XSport Membership? Can It Be Cancelled Online?

How To Cancel XSport Membership?

All the fitness freaks who can’t get enough of exploring and choosing the best fitness routine for them should definitely have a look at XSport Fitness.

But if you are already a member of this club and are finally giving up on them due to any reason, which we will surely not judge you for, you can of course cancel your membership in simple ways. 

XSport Fitness is a health club company that increased in its popularity in recent times. These are not just normal gymnasium chains but provide many more training and fitness sessions that can be both fun and entertaining and of course very beneficial. If you are planning your new year resolutions early and health and fitness is a part of it then you should get their membership asap. 

It is easy to cancel your XSport Membership and there are several ways to do that, however, you will have to do it through offline mode. Cancellation can take place through a phone call, a gym visit, or a letter of cancellation to them. You can choose any of these membership cancellation methods you are comfortable with. 

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What Is XSport Fitness? How Can I Become A Member Of Their Club?

XSport Fitness is a rapidly extending fitness club chain that promises to give a healthy and fit life to all its members.

If you are bored with your daily gym routines then XSport Fitness also presents and offers numerous fitness classes that include Bootcamp, Yoga, Zumba, Water Fitness, Ride, Body Blast, and much more.

You can definitely fulfill your fitness goals by joining XSport Fitness as the trainees are always welcoming and ready to provide you with any desired help and their services and equipment are just what you need to get the desired fitness.

If you are interested in these classes and services then you can easily join these clubs. 

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To become a member of XSport Fitness, you will be required to:

>Go to the official website of XSport Fitness to join their club. 

>Choose a club location that is close to your place. 

>Choose the membership plan that fits you well but do compare the benefits and services they provide before you select one. 

>Select how would you like to pay and you will have to fill out a small membership form where you will type in your details. 

These simple steps will help you get a membership in XSport clubs. 

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Can You Cancel Your XSport Membership?

Joining a gym or a health club is the easiest but canceling your membership from a club is the hardest for the members.

Yes, you can cancel your XSport Fitness Membership but the methods provided by them to cancel a membership are a bit unique. The members will have to go for offline mode to cancel their XSport membership.

You can do so by a phone call to them or by sending them a letter where you mention your concerns and your decision about quitting the membership. Another method provided by them is a personal visit to the gym. 

If you are done with health and fitness or want to quit due to some other reason then it is possible if you follow these methods. 

How Can You Cancel Your XSport Fitness Membership?

You can go through the following modes and methods to cancel your XSport Fitness Membership:

  1. Cancel Membership Over A Phone Call

This is the simplest way to cancel a gym membership. To cancel your XSport Fitness membership through a phone call, you will have to:

>Call on 877-417-1450 to get in contact with XSport Fitness. 

>Wait for a representative from the customer care service to respond to you. 

>Provide them with the reason for canceling your membership

>Give them the details of your XSport Fitness account

>They will later send you a confirmation email regarding your membership cancellation. 

  1. Cancel Membership Through A Personal Visit

This might seem a bit difficult for you but is actually better for those who prefer in-person talk. To cancel your membership in person, you will have to:

>Visit the gym or club you go to during the weak days at the time specified by them. It is probably 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday

>You can now ask for a membership cancelation form from the customer helpdesk. 

>Write down the details you are required to provide for the cancellation process. After you are done. Submit your form at the support counter. 

You can even ask for a copy of that if you require it in near future. 

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  1. Cancel Membership Via Letter

A traditional method but you might have never used it before and that too for gym membership cancellation. To cancel your XSport membership via letter, you must:

>Write a letter to XSport Fitness where you mention your decision to cancel your gym membership. 

>Provide details that include your name, email address, contact number, the address of the gym, and your XSport Fitness ID number for your membership. 

>You can now forward the letter to when you are satisfied with the details to Capital Fitness through the mail you registered. Send the letter to capital fitness, inc., p.o. box 4012, aurora, illinois 60507.

Do remember to ask them for a confirmation message.

Apart from all these methods, you can also cancel your XSport membership online by contacting them from their official website. Although some users say it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong to give it a try.

Cancel Your XSport Membership- FAQs

When Can I Cancel My XSport Fitness Membership?

You can cancel your XSport Fitness membership anytime you feel after you have completed your one-month payment cycle. You can cancel your membership by following the steps discussed above. 

Do I Need To Pay The Cancellation Fee To Cancel XSport Fitness?

If you cancel your XSport Fitness appointment at least 24 hours before the time scheduled for it, you won’t be required to pay the cancellation fee.

However, if you do it late or on the same day then your cancellation fee is decided according to the play you purchased.

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Can I Freeze My XSport Membership Account?

The customers are allowed to freeze their membership account if the reason for freezing includes Military, a medical emergency, or moving to a different place.

All you are required to do is visit your gym and ask for a form to freeze your account. Follow the procedures and provide the requirements and submit your request at  Capital Fitness, Inc., P.O. Box 4012, Aurora, Illinois 60507. 

You are allowed to freeze your account for up to 90 days

Can I Cancel My XSport Membership Online?

It is seen that the XSport Fitness club does not provide any route to cancel their membership online through the company website.

But you can cancel your XSport membership through some other application online, like the DoNotPay app.

Wrap Up

If health and fitness is your priority then you should definitely opt for an XSport membership and get the benefits of their fitness services.

And if you no longer want to utilize those services for whatever reason then you can cancel your XSport Fitness membership with the steps and modes we talked about earlier.

Just follow those methods and get rid of your membership but never stop thinking about your fitness. 

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