How To Cancel Wyndham Membership Or Reservation?

How To Cancel Wyndham Membership

If you are looking to cancel Wyndham Membership, then here are some things or methods which you can do to complete your cancelation process smoothly. Read the entire article up to the end to know about the cancelation methods in detail. 

Wyndham membership is a loyalty program provided by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts that offers its participants special advantages, savings, and rewards for their travels to Wyndham hotels around the world. Members with Blue to Diamond membership levels can accrue points that can be used to get free nights, merchandise, and other rewards.

According to Wyndham Cancelation Policy, reservations must be canceled according to the cancelation policy of specific Wyndham hotels for the rate and dates reserved. You can also get help from Wyndham Customer Care Team for any query. 

How To Cancel Wyndham Membership Or Reservation?

If you are under Wyndham Membership and want to cancel your reservation from the specific Wyndham Hotel, then you must ensure to properly read the cancelation policy of that specific Wyndham Hotel and follow the rules mentioned in their policy. 

In their membership, they just offer a type of program in which you need to participate in terms of getting special rewards like discounts, and savings on your travels from Wyndham Hotels. But, if now you don’t want to be its member anymore, then you can cancel your Wyndham Membership with the steps or rules mentioned in their policy. 

If you clearly do not understand the Wyndham Cancelation Policy, then you can also get in touch with their customer care team and ask for their help in canceling your membership. Here are some Contact Details for getting in touch with Wyndham Team.

Reservations From Us And Canada


Customer Care/Help


Reservations From Outside US And Canada

  • Para Espanol: 877-604-0069
  • Brazil: 0800 047 4766
  • Costa Rica: 800-854-78544
  • Panama: 001-800-507-2738
  • Uruguay: 000-411-002-6916
  • Argentina: 0800 266 0588
  • Colombia: 01-800-912-4668
  • Mexico: 800 062 1218
  • Peru: 0-800 77 537
  • China: 86-400-821-8831

How To Cancel Wyndham Membership Over The Phone?

You can get in touch with their team by calling them on their customer care phone number at 800-466-1589 and asking for their help in canceling your membership. After calling on their number, one of their team members will get connected with you on a call and then you need to tell them politely that you want to cancel your membership. 

Provide them with your membership details along with your personal details and submit your cancelation request. The customer service representative will most likely ask you why you want to cancel and may suggest alternatives, such as a lower membership tier or a different rewards program. If you do not want any kind of other memberships offered by them, then clear them again to cancel your membership. 

The representative will walk you through the cancellation process and provide any information or documentation that is required. Request confirmation of your cancellation as well as any refunds or credits you may be entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enroll In Wyndham Rewards?

You have three ways to join Wyndham Rewards which include the following-

  • Go to Wyndham Rewards Join Website and fill in the given form to join in. 
  • Our Front Desk Staff can enroll you right away when you check in at the Front Desk.
  • You can call 1-866-WYN-RWDS (1-866-996-7937)

How To View Or Cancel A Reservation That Is Reserved Online?

To view or cancel the reservation that you reserved online, navigate to the Retrieve A Reservation section. 


Well!! Canceling a Wyndham Membership over the phone is a simple and straightforward process. Make sure to know about the cancelation policy of your specific Wyndham Hotel before canceling its membership. 

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