How To Cancel Modanisa Order With 2 Effective Methods?

How To Cancel Modanisa Order

Did you accidentally click the “Buy” button and placed a Modanisa Order by mistake? No need to be concerned, canceling Modanisa’s Order is as simple as you think. You just need to grab the proper understanding of how to cancel Modanisa order and you are all done. 

Modanisa is an online fashion retailer specializing in modest women’s clothing. Modanisa, based in Turkey, offers a diverse selection of hijabs, abayas, dresses, and other modest clothing from both local and international brands. The company has grown in popularity among Muslim women all over the world who are looking for stylish and fashionable clothing that also meets their religious requirements.

If your Modanisa Order is eligible for cancelation, then you can cancel it by getting in contact with their customer support service team and they will cancel your order for you. Remember that shipped orders cannot be canceled. 

Can You Cancel Your Modanisa Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Modanisa Order at any time if the status of your order is “verification pending” or “preparing”. You just need to be quick in canceling your order because once your order is shipped, you are not able to cancel it. 

How To Cancel Modanisa Order Over The Phone?

As you know that you cannot cancel your Modanisa order on your own from your own. Only by getting in touch with the Modanisa Customer Service team can solve your problem. One way from which you can contact their team is by making a call to Modanisa Telephone Number at +971 4 278 99 33 and asking for their help in canceling your order. 

They ask you to provide them with your order details to check the order status and if your order is not shipped yet, they will cancel your order. You can also ask them about any other issue regarding your order.

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How To Cancel Modaisa Order Via Email?

If you don’t want to get connected with their team directly over a phone call, then Emailing is also the other effective method for you. You can send a proper cancelation Email to their team to cancel your order. Make sure you can check your order status before sending an Email. As, if your order is eligible for cancelation, only then send them a cancelation email otherwise your cancelation request will automatically be rejected by their team. 

Steps to cancel an order via Email- Write a well-organized email> Clearly mentioned in your email that you want order cancelation> Provide them with your order details> Include your personal necessary details> State the reason for order cancelation> Double-check the Email> Send the email to [email protected] 

After getting your Email, they first check your order status and if your order is not shipped yet, they will cancel your order and you will be notified about it in your email. 

How To Return Modanisa Order?

If you are unsatisfied with Modanisa products or if you are not able to cancel your order, then you have the option to return your order in good and original condition. You can return your order within 60 days of its delivery in order to get a return and refund for the particular order

You can return your products from the Modanisa Easy Return Center section and after logging into your account, you can return your order by following the instructed steps. 

You can also make your return possible by sending your return order to Modanisa Return Address or any local post office near you by paying some Modanisa Return Fee. 

What Is Modanisa Refund Process?

You will get a refund for your canceled as well as your returned order. They will notify you and begin the refund process once they have received your return package and completed the confirmation process. 

You will be fully refunded via the payment method you used. Depending on your bank’s payment processing policies, your total refund amount may take up to 14 days to be credited to your account. If your payments are made through debit cards, then it will take up to 28 days to get your refund. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Modanisa Track Order Works?

You can track orders from Modanisa via SMS or Email. Their team keeps you updated about your order status by sending you a message or email. 

How Can I Exchange An Item?

Modanisa does not offer an exchange service. You can only make cancellation or return your order. 

How To Contact Modanisa Customer Service?

Calling and Emailing are the most effective ways to contact Modanisa Customer Service Team. 

You can either make a call at +971 4 278 99 33 or send an email to [email protected]. Check out Modanisa Contact Page for all contact information for different categories. 


Whether you want order cancelation or encountered any issues, contacting Modanisa Customer Service Team is the only way to resolve all of your problems. Make your mind stress-free by following the steps outlined in this article for canceling your order without any difficulty. 

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