How To Cancel Wired Magazine Subscription?

How To Cancel Wired Magazine Subscription?

It seems like you have taken the subscription to Wired Magazine because you have a great interest in politics and economics. But, it is completely normal that you want to cancel Wired Magazine subscription and want to switch to another magazine. 

Wired is an American Magazine, which provides you with a monthly subscription plan and mainly focuses on topics like how these new technologies affect politics, economics, and our culture. You can try its services and if you find the content in these magazines interesting, then you can continue with them otherwise cancelation will be an option for you. 

You can cancel your Wired Subscription online by signing into your account and canceling from there. You can also take the help of their customer service team either by calling or sending an email. 

What Does My Subscription Include? Wired Subscription Cost

Wired Subscription Auto-renew itself after every billing period. After your initial one-year period, your subscription will renew automatically for $29.99 until you cancel it. 

Its subscription plan includes the print as well as the digital editions of the magazine. You can take the service of both editions (digital & print). In every subscription plan, you will get access to unlimited digital access to their website, for digital editions of the magazine & subscribers-only newsletter. Additionally, print subscribers get the magazine’s ten-times-yearly print edition. 

How To Cancel Wired Magazine Subscription?

You can cancel your Wired Subscription online from your account. To get access to your account, you need to sign up for your account. After getting into your account, you can manage wired subscription. You can cancel or even make changes to your subscription from your online account page. 

How To Cancel Wired Magazine Subscription Via Calling?

Other than online cancelation, we also have the most simple and straightforward method to cancel your subscription. You can get in touch with their customer service team via calling and have direct and clear communication with their team member about canceling your subscription. Their team member will surely help you cancel your Wired Subscription. 

You just need to make a call to the Wired Service team number at 1-800-769-4733 and get connected with their team. 

How To Cancel Wired Magazine Subscription Via Email?

Are you not comfortable talking to someone directly over the phone? No problem, except calling you can still reach out to their service team and get their help in canceling your subscription. You can also send an email to their team with all the necessary subscription details, your personal information, and your contact number. Make sure that in your email your intention of canceling your subscription is quite clear.

Send that composed email to [email protected] and their team member will get in touch with you soon. 

How Do I Contact Wired Magazine Customer Service?

For any general query, you can contact their team in these ways.

  • Digital-only Subscribers: [email protected] or make a call at 855-226-5869 (USA) & 332-237-7084 (Outside USA). 

You can also connect with their team on their Social Media Handles. Connect Wired on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wired Magazine Subscription Free?

Well!! Wired Subscription is not free. To get access to their subscription benefits, you’’ have to pay the money. But, if you are a non-subscriber, you can still access some limited Wired Magazines. 

How Can I Cancel My Print Subscription And Keep Digital Access Only?

You can Contact to Wired team to get access to your Digital Editions only. 


We hope that now you will get a complete understanding of how easily you can cancel your Wired Subscription. You can opt for any of the methods of cancelation. If still have some doubts, contact their service team at any time. You can also cancel your Elle Magazine Subscription.


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