How To Cancel Elle Magazine Subscription With 3 Ways?

How To Cancel Elle Magazine

Are you sick of getting Elle Magazine issues you no longer find interesting? It’s less difficult than you might think to end your subscription. This article will walk you through the quick procedures to stop receiving Elle Magazine and put an end to those unwanted issues.

Beauty, fashion, entertainment, and culture are some of the topics that are covered in the fashion and lifestyle magazine Elle. With over 4 million readers worldwide, Elle has established itself as a well-liked resource for fashion-conscious people all over the world. The publication is renowned for its exquisite photography, perceptive articles, and in-depth examination of the most recent fashions and trends.

Calling or emailing Elle Customer Support Service Team is the only way to cancel your Elle Magazine Subscription. Get in touch with their team and with their help or assistance you will surely end up canceling your subscription. 

Read the entire article up to its end for Elle Contact Details and what steps you need to be taken for the successful completion of your cancelation subscription process. 

Can You Cancel Your Elle Magazine Subscription?

If you no longer want your Elle Magazine subscription, then you can cancel it at any time on your own.

How To Cancel Elle Magazine Subscription Over The Phone?

It’s simple to rescind your Elle Magazine subscription over the phone. Here is a detailed explanation of how to do it:

  1. Make a call to the Elle Magazine Customer Service Phone Number at 1-800-876-8775 and hold while you are connected.
  1. When you are connected, say your name and that you want to cancel your Elle Magazine subscription.
  1. To verify your identity, the representative might ask you for your account information or other specifics.
  1. If prompted, give a reason for your decision to cancel, and pay attention to any offers they make to try to keep your subscription.
  1. Confirm the cancellation of your subscription and request a confirmation number or email for your records.
  1. The representative may inquire whether you would prefer to receive any unread issues or a refund if there are any issues left on your subscription.
  1. Check your account after the call to make sure your subscription has been canceled.

How To Cancel Elle Magazine Subscription Via Email?

Follow this step-by-step guide to easily cancel your Elle Magazine Subscription via email. 

  1. Write an email to the Elle Magazine Contact Email Address requesting to cancel your Elle Magazine Subscription
  1. Give the customer service agent your full name, account number, and any other information they might need to locate your account.
  1. Ask for confirmation that your subscription has been canceled and provide an explanation of your decision to cancel.
  1. Let them know whether you would like to receive any unread issues or a refund if your subscription has any unread issues.
  1. Send the composed email to Elle Magazine Customer Service Email to [email protected]. You can also use this email [email protected] 
  1. Wait for the customer service staff to respond before assuming your subscription has been canceled.
  1. Check your account to make sure your subscription has been canceled after receiving confirmation.

How To Cancel Elle Magazine Via Mail?

You can also try to cancel your Elle Magazine Subscription by sending their team a written cancelation notice at their mailing address. After getting your letter, they will surely contact you and help you with your cancelation process. 

Elle Magazine Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 37870

Boone, IA 50037

How To Cancel Elle Magazine Subscription Online?

You can cancel your Elle Magazine unpaid Subscription on your own online from Elle Magazine Website by logging into your account from Elle Magazine Login Page. You will need to input four things- Name, Address, Country, and Email. After logging into your account, follow these steps to cancel your subscription. Go to My Orders section> Tap on the Action Menu> Click on the Cancel button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elle Magazine Free?

If you are not an Elle Member, then you can get access to 4 articles free per month from Elle Website. 

How Can You Change Your Autorenewal Status From Elle?

As you know the Elle Magazine Subscription works on the Autorenewal system, which means every month or year, your subscription plan will automatically be renewed and you will be charged for it. 

Before canceling your subscription, you can also change your autorenewal status from your Elle Account online from the settings section or you can also email their team to change the autorenewal status for you. So, that you will easily cancel your subscription at any time. 


By following easy instructions, you should be able to easily and quickly cancel your subscription to Elle Magazine via email. If you didn’t get any response from their team via email, then you can follow up on your cancelation with a phone call by calling their customer service team directly. Also Know, how to cancel Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription.

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