How To Cancel WeTransfer Free & Paid Subscription With Ease?

How To Cancel WeTransfer

Whether you are a student or a working individual, sharing files is one of the most common and important tasks that can be done digitally and quickly and WeTranfer is one of the most favorite choices for that. But Don’t Worry!! If you no longer used its subscription that much, you can get rid of it easily with some simple steps described in this article. 

WeTransfer is a file-sharing platform from which you can send or receive up to 2GB of files for free and up to more file sizes with its paid subscription plans. This company has quickly grown in popularity among individuals especially working professionals to quickly share files with anyone with ease. 

If you are thinking to cancel your WeTranfer, then you can cancel its subscription at any time easily from its account settings. But, WeTransfer Free Subscription cannot be canceled directly from its account. To know about its cancelation method, you need to follow some different cancelation methods. 

Can You Cancel WeTransfer Subscription?

WeTransfer comes in free as well as paid subscription services. You can cancel your Free as well as Paid Subscription plan with the steps mentioned later in this article.

How To Cancel WeTransfer Free Subscription?

In WeTransfer Free Subscription, you can share up to 2GB of files for $0. If you currently use WeTransfer Free Subscription, then we must tell you that it’s not possible to cancel your WeTransfer Free Subscription directly from your Account Settings. 

The reasons why you are not allowed to cancel your free WeTransfer Subscription include- When you signed up for its service for free means you have access to its free benefits. So, it does not matter whether you cancel your free service or not because you are not charged for it. You can keep your WeTransfer Free Subscription inactive. 

If you still want to get back to your WeTransfer Free Service, then you can sign out of your account with the steps outlined here

How To Cancel WeTransfer Paid Subscriptions?

If you are using WeTransfer Paid Subscriptions- Pro & Premium Subscription. WeTransfer Pro Subscription costs $10 per month (Yearly Billing) and $12 per month (Monthly Billing) and it can transfer up to 200GB of files. We Transfer Premium Subscription costs $19 per month (Yearly Billing) and $23 per month (Monthly Billing) and can send up to limitless file sizes. 

To cancel your WeTransfer Paid Subscriptions, you can follow these steps-

  • Go to your WeTransfer Account and navigate to the Payments Section
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription from the bottom of the page
  • Then, again tap on Cancel Subscription to confirm that your subscription is finally canceled. 

Remember that even after canceling your subscription, you still have 28 days to renew your WeTransfer Subscription as your files will be saved in your account for up to 28 days to retain them back. But after 28 days, if you have not renewed your subscription, your subscription will be permanently deleted. 

How To Delete WeTransfer Free Account?

If you want to delete your WeTransfer Free Account, then you can do so by getting in touch with their support team. You can Submit A Request to get guidance in canceling your account or even subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get WeTransfer Refund?

Follow these steps to get App Store Refunds (iOS) from WeTransfer.

  • Login to your iOS settings
  • Click on the Request A Refund option from What can we help you with section
  • Select the reason from the given options
  • Choose the WeTransfer App from the list
  • Hit the Submit button 

How To Contact WeTransfer Customer Service?

Unfortunately, WeTranfer Customer Service Number is not available as they do not support phone calls. To reach out to their team, you can Submit A Request and their team will soon get in touch with you and help you with your problem. 

If you are facing difficulty in filling out the form, then you can submit your query at WeTransfer contact email at [email protected] 


Now, we are sure that you are completely able to understand the steps for canceling the WeTranfer Free Subscription and Paid Subscription. You can opt for any of their subscription plans, according to your requirement, and no worries about its cancelation. Cancelation of a WeTransfer Subscription can be done at any time by following the steps mentioned above in this article. 

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