How To Cancel West Elm Order?

How To Cancel West Elm Order?

Were you looking for high-quality furniture, lovely kitchenware, and home decor items? If yes, then you can end your search at West Elm, where you can find the best appliances and home furnishings. Ordering on West Elm is simple, but do you know how to cancel West Elm order?

In the categories of electronics, lighting, and home decor, West Elm has a wide selection of creative designs. West Elm is the ideal store for all of our needs since we all love to purchase home decor items for our residences and workspace. But, if accidentally, you placed the wrong order from it, then here you will get to know how easily you can cancel your order from West Elm.

You can get in contact with West Elm Customer Support Service Team to get assistance in canceling your order. You can do so by calling them on their phone number or via the Live Chat option. 

What Can You Get At West Elm?

West Elm is best known for selling Furniture and Home decorative items. It also enhanced its products in Outdoor & Garden, Bedding + Bath, Pillows + Decor, Lightning, Rugs, Art + Mirror, and Gifts also. You will get different shopping categories on West Elm Website which include- Kitchenware, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, and even your Home’s Outdoor areas. If you are confused about giving gifts to your relatives, then gift them with their unique collection of home items. 

Can You Cancel Your West Elm Order?

If you are not sure about purchasing any product but you placed an order for it, then surely you want to cancel your order. But, the thing is can you cancel placed order from West Elm? In simple words, its answer is “Yes”. You can cancel your West elm order but under some terms and conditions. 

Terms & Conditions For Canceling West Elm Order

For your cancelation request to be processed, you need to pay attention to its terms & conditions first.

  • You can not cancel your full or partial before the invoice is generated. 
  • You can cancel your items if they are eligible for return. Receive your order and if you don’t want it, then submit a return request for it. 

How To Cancel West Elm Order Over The Phone?

You can cancel your order from West Elm just by getting in touch with their customer support service team over a phone call. Dial 1-800-891-8888 from 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Sunday and connect with one of their team member over the call. Ask them to cancel your order by providing them with your 12-digit order number. They will analyze your order and if it is eligible for cancelation, then they will cancel your order and send a confirmation for your order cancelation on your number. 

How To Cancel West Elm Order Via Email?

The other way to cancel your West Elm order is immediately sent an email to their team regarding your order cancelation. To cancel your order via email, you need to send a composed email to [email protected]. Make sure you include all the necessary details related to your order and all your basic personal information. Once the email is received by them, they will get through the status of the order and will help you in canceling it, if its invoice is not generated. Otherwise, you have to receive your order. 

How To Cancel West Elm Order Via Live Chat?

Does West Elm Support Live Chat Feature? Well!! Yes, West Elm provides you with an “Online Live Chat” option with their live agent regarding any issue related to your order, such as cancelation of an order, placing an order, or ordering something customized. 

To cancel your West Elm order via live chat- You can get a “Need design advice or Customer Service Help?” option as a “Live Chat” option from the bottom of the screen on the West Elm Website. Click on it and start your chat with their live agent and ask them to cancel your order. Provide them with your 12-digit order number in order to check its status and if your order is in cancelation status, they will cancel it for you. 

How To Return Your West Elm Order?

West Elm provides you with a 30-day return policy for your products. You can return your order online or by getting with their team over a call. You are eligible to return your products only on these terms and conditions which are explained below:

  • The product is in original condition, not damaged, or broken
  • The price tag, and bar code, need to be attached to it
  • The product is not altered and is in used condition 
  • Initiate your return with the same account which you used to place the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does West Elm Offer Free Returns?

It depends on the type of goods you want to return and the location. The majority of non-furniture items can be returned for free to your nearby West Elm location or sent back through UPS.

Can you Get A Refund From West Elm?

Yes, if you successfully canceled or returned your West Elm order, then you will get a refund for it within 7-10 business days via UPI or the payment of mode you selected at the time of purchase. West Elm does not provide refunds in a cash payment. 


If you want to add contemporary designs with a vintage flair to your house, then shop today from West Elm. Their products will add a modern flair with a stylish statement piece in original finishes. To get help with your order-related queries, get West Elm Customer Support Help. You can also cancel Pottery Barn Order and cancel WayFair Order.

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