How To Cancel Walmart Plus Membership? These Steps Work!

Cancel Walmart Plus

All the frequent shoppers who love purchasing products with just a click must already be aware of Walmart and its subscription benefits. You can save a lot with a Walmart Plus membership and get more perks and benefits. But if the subscription is not working for you, you can always cancel it. 

Walmart plus is just the best membership for those who frequently purchase from here as it helps in great savings and provides you with many other benefits. This plan can provide you with special prices and rewards to make your shopping experience easy. 

To cancel your Walmart Plus, you will be required to go to the Walmart Website> Account> Walmart+> Manage Membership> Cancel Walmart+> Cancel Membership and then confirm the process. 

Why Is Walmart Plus Membership?

It is easy to shop from Walmart but it gets even more beneficial to get a Walmart+ Membership. With Walmart+, you can:

1. Get free delivery from your local Walmart store if your order price is at least $35. You can also get free shipping for same-day or next-day deliveries. 

2. You can also get fuel discounts from the participating stores up to $0.10 

3. Other special deals and offers are always available for you. Walmart rewards are also available for customers. 

4. You also get access to the Mobile scan and go feature when you are in a hurry to get the purchase. 

5. Other Walmart+ perks include a free six-month Spotify premium, this limited offer is valid up to March 2023. 

Does Walmart+ Have A Free Trial? Walmart+ Membership Plans

Walmart plus starts with a free 30-day trial membership and with this free trial, you will get free shipping with no minimum order. You can get access to special promotions and offers available for the members for free. This free trial will surely help you save a lot. 

The Walmart+ membership apart from the 30-day trial includes a monthly plan for about $13 per month and an annual plan of $98 per year. You can get free deliveries and other offers with these plans. These plans are cheaper and better than its many competitors. 

How Can I Cancel Walmart Plus? Cancel Walmart Plus Free Trial Online

If you no longer wish to use the Walmart Plus subscription or don’t want to continue with the free trial, you can cancel your membership. For that, you will be required to:

Cancel Walmart Plus From Website

1. Go to the official Walmart website and sign in to your account. 

2. On the top right of the screen page, go to the Account tab. 

3. From the options available on the left side, Select Walmart+. 

4. Next to the settings option on the top right, select Manage Membership. 

5. Click on Cancel Walmart+. 

6. Click on the Cancel Membership button. 

7. Choose the reason for membership cancellation and again click on Cancel Membership. 

You can also cancel your Walmart+ membership from the app itself. However, some users have complained that this method doesn’t work anymore. You can follow these steps to cancel your membership from the app:

Cancel Walmart Plus From App

1. Open the Walmart app on your device. 

2. Go to the Menu and tap on the Account option. 

3. Select the Walmart+ option. 

4. You will also see other options on the page so navigate till you find Cancel Walmart+ Account. 

You can try this method to confirm if it really works for you. 

Cancel Walmart Plus By Phone

You can also cancel Your Walmart Plus membership by contacting the team on 800 924-9206. Talk to their representative and tell them that you wish to Cancel your Walmart+ membership. Answer their questions and provide them with the required details. Confirm your details and then they will immediately cancel your membership. 

You can also cancel your Walmart+ free trial by following the similar steps of canceling membership through the website or application as discussed above. If you don’t want to pay for the Walmart+ paid membership then try canceling the free trial before it ends in 30 days. 

What Happens When I Cancel Walmart Plus?

When you cancel your Walmart+ membership, you will lose all the membership benefits and offers. You will no longer get access to the free shipments and deliveries. Also, the Walmart rewards you get during your membership plan can only be accessed till your account is active. The moment you cancel your account, you will lose all the rewards and they won’t be refunded to you. 

So if you are planning to cancel Walmart Plus then make sure that you utilize all those rewards in your account. 

Cancel Walmart Plus- FAQs

Will My Walmart Plus Plan Automatically Renew?

Yes, your Walmart+ membership plan will automatically renew. They will charge you at regular intervals according to the plan you choose. You can cancel your membership anytime before the end of the membership plan term. 

Can I Get A Refund On My Walmart Plus Plan?

Walmart does not provide any refunds if you choose to cancel your Walmart+ plan. However, if you cancel a membership before the end of your paid membership then you will still get the membership benefits till the end of your Membership term. 

Can You Cancel Walmart Plus Before The Trial Ends?

Yes, the users can Cancel their Walmart+ free trial whenever they wish to by following the steps mentioned above. You can follow those steps to easily cancel the membership trial before it ends or it will be renewed to the paid membership. Also, if you forget to cancel the membership before the trial ends, you will still be provided about 48 hours to cancel the subscription and get a refund. 

Wrap Up

The huge ocean of Walmart has a lot to offer that you can get access to. A Walmart+ membership will provide you with a great number of benefits and perks. You can also cancel your membership anytime you wish by going through the above-mentioned steps. Don’t forget to use all those special benefits and rewards before canceling your membership. 

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