How To Cancel Vivint APX Alarm? 4 Simple Steps!

how to cancel vivint apx alarm

With the enhancement of crime in society, the benefit and significance of a smart home are huge and that is of course a necessity. But if you already opted for the services provided by Vivint and now have no plans to continue using the service then we can help you cancel Vivint APX Alarm.

Vivint is a smart home security system that provides access to security cameras, alarms, and more to ensure your home security and your family’s safety. With Vivint, you can control your home security system on just a single platform. The doorbell system also protects your packages and you get complete security in your sweet abode. 

You can easily cancel your Vivint APX Alarm by contacting the Vivint Customer Service department on their help number and requesting cancellation for the service. The users can also send an email to the support team for their queries. 

How Can I Cancel Vivint APX Alarm?

You can cancel your Vivint APX alarm by contacting their Customer Service department. 

1. Call  Vivint on their Customer Service number +1-800-216-5232 with ext. 5020

2. You will now be connected to a representative at Vivint and request them to cancel the service. 

3. Give them all the required details that they may need to cancel your service.

4. Now follow all the steps as they say and you will be able to cancel Vivint APX Alarm. 

What Happens To Your Vivint Equipment After Cancellation?

When you cancel a service like this, in most cases, you will have to return the equipment to the company soon after termination. However, that’s not exactly the case with Vivint. When you cancel the services provided by Vivint, you will still be able to keep all the equipment and use them as per your wish. The customers pay both for the equipment and the service so as you have already purchased Vivint equipment and they are paid off then you won’t be required to return them once you terminate the service. 

The Vivint APX Alarm will still work accordingly and will notify you of any break-in even after you cancel the service. You won’t be able to use the alarm feature from the app but it will still function from the keyboard. Even the cameras would work as they do but the only difference is, you won’t be able to see the video recording on your phone and can get access to the video only through the panel. 

Can I Cancel Vivint Without Penalty?

You will have to pay the penalty if you cancel Vivint but there are still some ways that will help you get out of their contract without paying the penalty for the same. 

1. Bankruptcy or similar financial trouble

If you are facing a financial problem like bankruptcy or anything related then you can opt out of the contract by Vivint without a penalty. You must provide them with related records and documents and you can cancel the service or the contract with no penalty. 

2. The User’s Demise

No, this is not an opportunity but a clause in the contract that ensures that if the user of Vivint APX Alarm service dies then the contract would be canceled and the family of that person won’t have to pay for the penalty. The debt won’t be transferred to them and they can cancel the contract with ease. 

3. On Military Duty

If you have to leave for your Military duty for more than 6 months then you will also be able to leave out of the contract without a penalty. Just provide the officials with a copy of your order or other related documents and terminate the service accordingly. 

Cancel Vivint APX Alarm- FAQs

Can I Cancel Vivint Online? Documents Vivint Cancellation Email

No, you cannot cancel Vivint online from their official page or website. You will have to dial their Customer Support number to terminate the service. However, some resources also say that you can also put forward your request for cancellation via email to their help team. You can send an email to [email protected] and they will answer your request accordingly. 

Does Vivint Have A Cancellation Fee?

Vivint does not really ask for an early termination fee from the users but there are still some charges that the users have to pay to cancel service. If you cancel your service agreement during the first month and the twelfth month of your service agreement then you may be charged a service cancellation fee of $300. For later termination, you can be charged $150

How Can I Complain To Vivint?

If you have issues with the services provided by Vivint or need to complain for any other reason then you can visit the Vivint Complaints page and click on the File a Complaint button on the page. Tick the options as per your requirements and file the complaint. 

How To Contact Vivint Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to the services provided by Vivint or need any such information then you can call on the Vivint Customer Support number at 1 (801) 377-9111 and speak to a representative for the same. You can also dial 800.678.2635 for billing and other inquiries. There is another option to speak to Customer Support online by visiting the Vivint Contact Us page and clicking on the Chat with us option. 

Wrap Up

Vivint provides products that will ensure your home security and safety. You can purchase the Vivint APX Alarms, doorbells, and cameras as per your requirement. However, if you tried using Vivint and don’t want to use the services anymore for any reason then follow the steps that we discussed above to terminate the service. Vivint Customer Support can help you with other related information.  You can also cancel your Ring subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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