How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance? 4 Effective Ways!!

How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance?

Do you find your Vitality Insurance Expensive, and now you are in search of some other better insurance company provider within your budget? Then, you will surely find the better one, but before that, you first need to cancel Vitality Health Insurance. 

Vitality is an insurance company that provides insurance benefits to its policyholders ranging from cars to health. The part that makes Vitality Insurance different from other insurance companies is the way of their work. Yes, this insurance program works in a point-based system in which policyholders earn points for adopting a good lifestyle- doing exercise, eating healthy, and being in good mental health. 

Vitality Health Insurance offers you the easiest ways to cancel your service. You can cancel your service in two possible ways- Cancel from their Social Media Handles, or cancel over the phone. 

How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance Via Facebook?

Vitality Insurance team is pretty active on their Social Media Handles- especially on Facebook and Twitter. So, the first method to cancel your Insurance plan is by getting in contact with their customer service team on their Social Media accounts and asking them to cancel your insurance plan. 

If you are using Facebook, then follow these steps to cancel your Vitality Health Insurance via Facebook. 

  • Write a brief and clear message to their team to tell them that you want to cancel your insurance.
  • Maybe you need to chat with their team on Facebook to submit your cancelation request and then they will start your cancelation process.  

How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance Via Twitter?

If you are not a Facebook user, then don’t worry!! You can use your Twitter Account to message their team about your cancelation intention. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Vitality Health Insurance via Twitter.

  • Compose a message on their chat to tell them you want to end your insurance plan 
  • Be ready for an online chat with their team representative on Twitter to identify your identity and to provide them with other asked information. 

How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance Via WhatsApp?

Not available on any Social Media Account? Don’t worry!! You can still cancel your Vitality Health Insurance plan. How? Through WhatsApp. Yes!! WhatsApp is the only messaging method, which is mostly used by everyone. No worries, if you are not using Facebook or Twitter, canceling Vitality Insurance is also possible through WhatsApp. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Vitality Health Insurance via WhatsApp. 

  • You will be then directed to their WhatsApp page and start a chat with them by sending a brief message about your insurance cancelation to their team. 
  • They will reply back to your message on chat and you will continue to message them until they accepted your cancelation request. 

How To Cancel Vitality Health Insurance Over The Phone?

Well!! If you are someone to whom messaging does not suits, or if you don’t like to chat with anybody. Then, you have the other method to cancel your insurance plan by getting in touch with their team over a phone call. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Vitality Health Insurance Over The Phone.

  • Make a call to Vitality Health Insurance contact number at 0345 602 3523 on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Get connected with someone from their team on the phone call and have direct communication with their team about your coverage cancelation. 
  • Provide them with your insurance coverage details and other asked details
  • Your coverage will be canceled by their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Vitality Life Insurance Online?

Well!! There is no direct way to cancel your Vitality Insurance online directly from your account. All you have to do is to contact their team via Social Media or call. 

How To Contact Vitality Customer Service?

For any kind of assistance, you can contact their customer service team by navigating to Vitality Contact Page, where you will find all the possible options to get in contact with their team. 


With this conclusion, we feel that now you must be provided with the best possible ways to cancel your Vitality Health Insurance Coverage. Don’t ignore this messaging method, because their team is very active on Social Media these ways, so just a simple message on any of the provided ways can lead to your cancelation. Otherwise, for any other issue, you can contact their team at any time. Cancel more insurance coverages like cancel Primerica Life Insurance Coverage now. 

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