How To Cancel Universal Annual Pass? These Hacks Will Help!

How To Cancel Universal Annual Pass?

If your visits to the Universal Studio are not as frequent as before, then you might be wasting your money on their annual pass. This means that it is the right time for you to cancel your Universal Annual pass before you are charged for another billing cycle. 

A Universal Annual Pass is a great choice for those who are used to making frequent visits to Universal Orlando Resort. With this pass, one gets access to a night at Halloween Horror Nights along with four park days along with standard parking, while these services alone can charge about $497.99, with your Universal Annual Pass, you can have more than this for just $23 per month. 

To cancel your Universal Annual Pass, you will either need to send an email request to their official email address or alternatively, you also have the option to write down a mail and send it to their official postal address. Their customer support will check your request and will act upon it accordingly. 

To know in detail about all the possible methods of canceling your Universal Annual Pass, we think that you should continue reading this article as there is a lot more for you to check out. 

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How To Cancel Universal Annual Pass?

As of now, there are two official ways in which your subscription to Universal Annual Pass can be terminated, while one of them is an offline method, and the other one is online, however, each of them requires you to make a cancelation request to the customer service of Universal Studios. 

How To Cancel Universal Annual Pass Online?

Well, in the name of the online method, you only have the option of emailing a cancelation request to the customer support of Universal Studios Florida so that they can approve it and process the same. 

Thus, what you have to do is compose an email where you have to provide your details related to your annual pass along with your request for the cancelation of the pass.  

Once you have composed the email properly, you will be required to send it to the official email address of Universal Studio which is [email protected]. Their customer support shall soon check your email request and respond to it accordingly. You will soon receive a confirmation email on the successful cancelation of your Universal Annual Pass. 

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How To Cancel Universal Annual Pass Via Mail?

Another option that you have for canceling your Annual Pass from Universal Studios is by sending a physical letter to their official postal address. 

In the letter, you will need to mention your cancelation request for the pass along with all the necessary details related to your Universal Annual Pass subscription.  

Once you have written the letter properly, you need to send it to the address provided below. 

Universal Orlando Resort

ATTN: Annual Pass/ FlexPay Dept. 

1000 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, Florida 32819

Universal Annual Pass – FAQs

How To Contact Universal Annual Pass Over The Phone?

The Universal Annual Pass phone number that you can call on when you have any query regarding your respective subscription, then, you can call either their main number (877) 801 9720 or for general information, you can dial the number (407) 363 8000. 

How To Find Out When My Universal Annual Pass Expires? 

If you want to check the renewal date of your Universal Annual Pass, that is, the date on which your current subscription to the pass will expire, you need to head to the Annual Pass Renewal page of their official website where you have to enter your visual ID, and your last name. As you submit it, you will get the details related to the expiry date of the respective subscription of the pass. 

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How To Redeem My Universal Annual Pass Discount?

If you want to get the discount from your Universal Annual Pass which you are eligible for, then you need to just bring your expired pass to any of the front gate ticket booths present at Universal Studios Hollywood. Alternatively, you can also simply make a call to 1-800-Universal, and select option 5 to redeem your discount.  

How Long Is The Universal Studios Annual Pass?

Once you have made your visit to Universal Studios, which should be done by April 30 of the year, right after the first visit, the pass that you have subscribed to will become valid for the upcoming 12 months from that day.  

Wrapping Up

So, we are done with our part by acknowledging you with the easy ways to help you get your Annual Pass to Universal Studios Florida canceled without much trouble. You will just need to bear a little patience while the customer support of Universal Studios is processing your request for the termination of the pass.

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