How To Cancel United Utilities Services?

How To Cancel United Utilities Services?

It seems like you recently find out that your United Utilities Services might charge you higher fees than before, then definitely you no longer want to continue with its services. For this, you need this article in which we will elaborate on some steps to cancel United Utilities.

United Utilities is a company that provides water and wastewater services to its customers. Along with providing water services, the company also takes charge of treating wastewater, so that they can provide safe and clean drinking water to their customers. But, still, if you feel like you are done with their services, you can cancel them at any time. 

You can cancel your United Utilities Service by informing them about their customer service team either by making a call to them on the preferred phone number or you can tell them online also from your United Utilities Account. 

How To Cancel United Utilities If You Moving Out?

In case, you are moving from North West or to a place where you no need to pay the bills for your United Utilities Services, then you can cancel your United Utilities Service by making a call to their team and letting them know certain things. So, that they can ensure a smooth cancelation process for you. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel United Utilities- 

  • Make a call at United Utilities Moving Out number at 0345 026 7661
  • Once you connected with someone on a call, provide them with certain things.
  • Provide them with the date on which you moved to the other place
  • Tell them about your final meter reading from your previous home
  • Finally, give them your new place address, so that they can send you the final reading statement along with the refund (if any are left). 

Cancel United Utilities Service Online

If you do not want to make a call to their service team to tell them about your moving and cancelation. Then, no worries!! No Phone Calls, Just you need to log in to your United Utilities Account from their MyAccount Services. If you do not have any of your online accounts, then it’s simple to set up your account- You just need your account number and email address for that. 

Once you are done, go into your account and tell their team about the cancelation process. 

How To Deactivate Or Deregister My United Utilities Account?

If you want to deactivate your United Utilities Account, then you can do so by calling their Billings & Account number at 0345 672 2999 and telling them that you want to deactivate your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact United Utilities Customer Service?

You can contact their team at any time if you ever feel that they fell short of your expectations or if you have any complaints about them. Their team will surely listen to your problem and try its best to resolve it. 

  • Water & Wastewater queries: 0345 672 3723
  • Billing and Accounts: 0345 672 2888 (without meter) or 0345 672 2999 (with meter)
  • Affordability: 0800 072 6765
  • Moving Home: 0345 026 7661
  • Priority Services: 0345 072 6093
  • Bereavement: 0800 912 7249
  • Ringing from abroad: +44 207 197 0197

You can write to their team at their Mailing address: United Utilities, PO Box 453, Warrington, WA55 1SE. 

You can also contact their team by using the online form. 


Though they maintain their water infrastructure so well, still some people want to cancel their United Utilities Service and one of the main reasons for this happening is most of the people relocate to some other place and can’t be able to use their water services at the new address. Follow these steps outlined in this article to get in contact with their team and tell them about your cancelation. So, that they can help you with this. Also Know, how to cancel Waste Management Service.

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