How To Cancel Waste Management Service? 3 Easy Ways!

cancel waste management

There can be certain reasons why you would want to discontinue your service to Waste Management, for instance, you are moving to another region where their service is not available, or when you have found a better alternative, so, if you are planning to cancel your Waste Management Service, then this is the aptest article for you.

Waste management is quite important in today’s time, and a service provider by the same name “Waste Management” is working towards it by offering a variety of services like recycling, dumpster rental, collection of garbage as well as disposal. 

If you want to discontinue the services of Waste Management, you can make a cancelation request to the customer support of Waste Management by either making a phone call to their customer service number, contacting them through the live chat feature of their website, or sending them an email request.

To get all the details related to the cancelation methods of your Waste Management services, continue reading this article. 

How To Cancel Waste Management Service?

If you are sure that you no longer need your account with Waste Management, then there are currently three ways in which you can have your account canceled. Let us provide you with a detailed explanation of all the available methods and then you can choose whichever you prefer. However, remember that in all the methods, you will be required to reach out to the customer support of Waste Management. 

How To Cancel Waste Management Over The Phone?

Starting from the easiest and the quickest way, you can easily terminate your Waste Management services by contacting the customer support of Waste Management over the phone. 

For this, all you need to do is dial the number 1(866) 909 4458 on your phone and you shall be connected with one of the customer support agents of Waste Managements to speak with, who you can tell that you do not wish to continue the services from Waste Management for whichever reason you have. 

You will be required to provide the agent with some details related to your subscription, especially your Customer ID and the service address and your membership cancelation shall be processed right away. 

Remember that the customer service number is accessible only from 8 am to 5 pm, so make your phone call within this period only. 

How To Cancel Waste Management On Live Chat?

If you are not willing to talk to the customer support representative over the phone for canceling your Waste Management account, then you can also head to the official Website of Waste Management and open the Live Chat feature of their company where you will be assigned a customer support representative who you can have a chat with and let them know that you would like to discontinue your services from Waste Management. 

Provide them with your customer ID as well as the service address and they will cancel your account for you. 

How To Cancel Waste Management Via Email?

Finally, there is one more option in which your Waste Management service can be terminated. In this method, you just need to compose an email with the subject mentioning your request for canceling the services of Waste Management. 

Provide the important details related to your Waste Management account in the email including your Customer ID and your service address and ask them to cancel the subscription for you. 

Once you compose the email properly, send it to the official email address of customer support of Waste Management which is [email protected].  

Their customer support will soon check your email request and act upon it accordingly. Once your subscription is terminated, you will also receive a confirmation email for the same. 

Can You Transfer Your Waste Management Service?

In the case that you are moving to a different region, you can definitely have your Waste Management service transferred to the new address provided that the company provides its services in that location. For this, you will be required to contact the customer support of Waste Management and provide them with the new address to which you would want the services to be transferred. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For Waste Management Service?

If you have left more than six months in your Waste Management contract, then you will be required to pay the early termination fee equal to 6x your average bill a month. If the time is less than six months, then the cancelation fee will be = Recent Monthly Charge x Number Of Months Left On The Contract. 

Wrapping Up

This was all you needed to know regarding the cancelation of your Waste Management services at your address in time without having to pay for an extra period. If there is any other service that you would like to discontinue, then let us know in the comments.

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