How To Cancel Ulta Order? Quick Ways To Cancel ASAP!

How To Cancel Ulta Order?

Most online beauty stores do not allow returns and cancelation of their items which is a problem for users who accidentally placed a wrong order and want to cancel it but do not find any way to cancel. Some Ulta users are also worried about not being able to cancel their orders. Do you know what Ulta is?

Ulta is one of the largest growing beauty companies in America which offers amazing cosmetic products to its users. But sometimes, there can be situations when you need to cancel an order after placing it and many users don’t exactly know about its procedure. If you are also one of them then this guide on how to cancel Ulta order on the app or from its website will definitely help you in canceling your order. 

When a customer purchases an Ulta product online, the order cannot be canceled. But, canceling an online order that you will pick up from an Ulta store is possible before picking up by calling the Ulta Store. 

Well!! Canceling Ulta orders is not an easy task and Ulta itself does not give a proper way to cancel their orders, still, there are some ways that you can try for your order cancelation from Ulta. To understand them, continue reading.

Can You Cancel Ulta Order?

You can only cancel your pick-up Store Ulta orders. Also, the orders that you have placed online and that are to be shipped at home can be canceled if you contact them within 1 hour of placing the order. You must be quick to text, call, or chat with Ulta.

Since Ulta places and processes their orders very quickly, there is no order cancelation guarantee from their side for home delivery and they do not give any proper procedure to cancel their orders. But still, you can try canceling your Ulta Order Online by contacting its customer service. 

How To Cancel Ulta Order Online?

There is no guarantee that you can cancel your order from Ulta after placing it. But still, you can try to cancel your order by contacting their guest service. It is a difficult and lengthy process. You can try to cancel your Ulta order by contacting their guest service by call or by email. 

  • By Phone: Contact 1-866-983-8582 which is their Guest service within five days after placing your order. 
  • By Email: You can also send an email to the company by visiting You must fill in the appropriate details, including your full name, phone no, email address, topic, and sub-topic of cancel order in the field. Click here for the contact form.
  • By Return: If you have passed the cancelation deadline of 5 days, then the only way to cancel your order is by returning them after delivery. You can return the order using the same account you used to place the order, or you can contact their customer service team again for a return.
  • You can keep track of your order about its delivery by its tracking information or through Ulta live chat. 

While making a return, take care of the following things:

> You can get the return done on Ulta only if there is some mistake from their side.

> Ulta accepts returns and exchanges only within 60 days of delivery.

> Items must be returned in good condition, including all original tags, accessories, and boxes.

> When returning an item, obtain a tracking number and keep it until you receive a confirmation from Ulta

Note: If you have not canceled the order within five days of purchasing it, the company will not entertain any cancelation request. 

Ulta Cancel Order For Store Pickup

Ulta’s home delivery orders are difficult and require a complex procedure to cancel but online orders for in-store pick up at Ulta can be canceled. If you place your order online from Ulta but choose to pick it up yourself from any Ulta Store near you, then within 5 days you can cancel your order by calling on Ulta’s customer support team and telling them that you no longer want this order. 

No need to worry in that situation also if you are unable to cancel your order from the pickup store even before 5 days, then you will not be charged until you pick up your order. After 5 days, if you do not come to pick up your order, then Ulta store automatically cancels it and after cancelation, you can place a new order. 

Ulta Cancel Order Refund

As soon as Ulta accepts your cancelation request, it starts processing your refund. As only your store pick-up orders are canceled, it takes almost 5-10 days for your refund to be processed in the original form of payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Modify Your Ulta Order Online?

No, after placing an order on Ulta, you are not allowed to make any changes to your order until it is delivered to you. The reason behind this must be that Ulta takes and processes all orders very quickly to serve better and fast service to their customers. So, they do not allow us to modify any order once it is placed. 

How Long Does It Take For Ulta To Process An Order?

Ulta requires 3-10 working days for processing and delivering an order. 


Be careful while ordering from Ulta online, as after selecting its home delivery service, there are very less chances that you can cancel your order. So, it is advised that whenever you are shopping from Ulta, make sure that you placed the correct order so that you do not need to cancel it or you can choose the Pick-up store option (if any Ulta Store is near you) for easy cancelation and refund.

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