How To Cancel Panera Subscription?

Cancel Panera Subscription

Your taste buds will feel perfection with your Panera orders, and a subscription will provide you with even more benefits and perks. But if you no longer desire to continue, you can simply cancel your Panera subscription whenever you want. 

Panera Bread is a bakery company that delivers much more than that. You can get all your favorite drinks from Panera and of course the bakery items that would surely melt in your mouth. With a Panera Unlimited Sip subscription, there are numerous options to choose and you can even select the size of your drinks. 

You can cancel your Panera Subscription by contacting Customer Service and requesting that you wish to cancel your subscription or online by logging in to your Panera account. This will cancel the current plan of your Panera Subscription. 

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What Can You Enjoy With Panera Subscription? Panera Subscription Charges And Perks

The very popular American chain store, Panera Bread, is a bakery-cafe restaurant located all over the United States and Canada.  They are famous for providing numerous high-quality bakery items and drinks. They are also fine-dine restaurants where you can enjoy a great meal with your loved ones. 

Customers can easily get the Panera Unlimited Sip Club Subscription which ranges from $8.99-$11.99 a month. With this subscription, you get to enjoy any size of your hot coffee, hot tea, iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and other beverages every two hours with refills. You get these benefits at any Panera Bread bakery-cafes. But do remember, to get this subscription, you need to be a member of My Panera reward programs. Your Unlimited Sip Club subscription gets renewed every month and you are charged accordingly

How Can I Cancel My Panera Subscription? Cancel Panera Sip Club Subscription

It’s easy to cancel your Panera subscription and it could be done by contacting Panera Customer Service and talking to the representatives or through the website by entering your Panera account. 

Cancel Panera Subscription Via Phone Call

1. To cancel your Panera subscription through a phone call, you will have to dial 855-372-6372 where you will be connected to Customer Service. 

2. You can now speak to a Panera representative there. 

3. Request them to cancel your Panera Subscription and provide the details they ask you with also information related to your membership. 

4. Ask them to cancel your recurring payments and make sure you get a confirmation email for the same. 

5. This will surely cancel your Panera Subscription and you will be notified of it. 

Cancel Panera Subscription Through Website

1. To cancel your Panera Subscription online, you will be required to go to the official website of Panera Bread

2. Log in to your My Panera account from the website.

3.  Go to your profile and select My Panera Subscriptions from the options available. 

4.  Open the subscription on the page and click on the Cancel Subscription option. 

5. After that, you might see a notification where that say Can We Invite You To Stay? and provide some exclusive offers. If these offers do not satisfy you and you are determined to terminate your subscription then you must click on the Cancel My Subscription option. 

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Can I Cancel My Panera Subscription On App?

You can cancel your Panera Unlimited Sip Club subscription through a call or online by visiting the official website. If you wish to cancel your subscription from the Panera Bread application on your device then you can try-

1. Open the Panera Bread application on your device and log in to your account. 

2. Tap on your account profile in the app and navigate to the My Subscriptions page. 

3. Select your Panera Subscription and cancel it. Try to cancel the subscription before the next billing date so that you are not charged for the next month. 

If this doesn’t work for you then try canceling your subscription via a phone call or by signing in to the website. 

Does Panera Sip Club Has 3 Months Free?

Panera introduces several offers and discounts and also some free months for a limited period. Join the Panera Rewards program the subscription is free for the customers for the first three months but this offer is for a limited time and you will have to keep a check on the website to know when it gets over. 

Even now there is an offer available for all the customers where if they join the Panera Sip Club at the moment, till the 28th of December this year, they will get unlimited drinks free for thirty days. You can go to the official website to know more about such offers. 

Cancel Panera Subscription- FAQs

Is Panera Bread Membership Free?

Only Signing Up to Panera is free, you will be charged monthly for Panera Membership according to the charges discussed above. You can refer to the official website of Panera to know more about the subscription plans. 

Can I Get A Refund For My Unused Panera Sip Club Subscription?

No, Panera does not offer refunds for any unused Panera Sip Club subscription. However, you can easily cancel your Panera Subscription through the website or by visiting the Panera bread application. You can also call the representatives to cancel your subscription. 

Wrap Up

Panera Bread provides many delicious offers and benefits to all members with their Unlimited Sip Club subscription. You get to choose any of your favorite drinks and their size as you wish. If you no longer wish to go on with the subscription then you can cancel it by following the methods discussed above. You can also go through the various free offers they provide by visiting their website. 

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